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Mar 25, 2018
Hi I have initiated a credit watch with all three credit company’s,I have also filed a local police report for identity theft,also a report to the FTC we have closed our card and received a new one.Another development occurred Saturday,a $40 charge for a gift card showed up,I called credit card to disput this and was informed that someone had got into my acc and changed my e-mail address and sent for this gift card,not impressed with Mastercards security at this point, was told by credit card company that there was probably spyware on computer ,we do not use a computer for daily use only I-pads
Have you initiated a credit freeze with Experian and the other credit companies? Have you asked your credit card company to close your card and issue you a new one?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Better a credit card is compromised than a debit card but the fact that the card wasn’t used in a year kind of pinpoints it was somewhere along the line here but who knows- Scammers could have had the card info from last time it was used and waited until the card was used again before trying something. Your bank should be able to determine where the charge came from.
Sep 19, 2015
Expipemjr I am sorry that your credit card number was stolen it is such a hassle. You should be concerned that the account info for the bank issued MasterCard has been compromised. MasterCard processes the payments but some sort of financial institution (bank, credit union etc) has to issue the card.

There can be so many ways a security breach can happen — perhaps cleaning crew saw something in the office— and took notes. That could happen at any of the offices travel agent, travel service, perhaps even the bank — or a bad employee.

Did you ever get any suspicious emails from the issuing financial institution.

What often happens — someone gets access to the card info — they sell it (either on line or to local organized theft rings that recruit disgruntled employees) and then the card number is used.

The Equifax massive data breach stole the MasterCard and Visa numbers, in addition to names, ss numbers, etc of many people.

Sometimes it seems that there are so many thefts of Id that it is hard to keep track.

See if your MasterCard issuing bank has two step identification where if someone signs in from a new device or IP a code is sent to your mobile and has to be entered.

I have had my credit cards numbers stolen only too often. One person ordered over 3,000 of furniture (where was that going to be shipped) another electronics) — I got a call once from AmEX on my home phone asking if I authorized a charge of over 4,000 in Japan. I said no and card was cancelled.

Sometimes it is very hard to pinpoint where the problem happened. With the Equifax massive data breach it is even harder to figure out where.

If the thieves are not using your credit card number locally I would feel a little better. Also invest in a security system and outdoor cameras.

It is terrible how many people steal the ids but it is a lucrative business where the thieves do not have to get their hands literally dirty—

Carol Phillips

Staff Member
Dec 28, 2014
Coastal South Carolina
Ah, you didn’t say you used a travel agent. I can tell you we are held to the strictest standards when we take a clients credit card info. We shred everything once a card is charged. If you have seen credit card information on desks at the agency- that may be where someone might have gotten hold of it.

Your travel agent needs to go to bat for you. They should contact Pleasant and American Queen and explain the card was compromised somewhere between them, Pleasant and AQ.
Perhaps AQ would allow you to use the deposit towards a cruise on another date.

You should be very clear that the card is only used for vacations- it hasn’t been used since a trip last year and the day the deposit was posted so were unauthorized charges.

The telling of the story is important because if we had questions, so will they. The details you provided us with make a big difference in pinpointing where the breach could have incurred.

Don’t let your travel agent tell you there is nothing they can do- they most certainly can use their power to contact Pleasant and AQ and try to either get a refund or try to apply the money towards another trip.

I don’t blame you for canceling- you are absolutely correct that someone would know when you were away and you risk leaving your home unoccupied

Let us know what the travel agency does.

In post #1 the OP mentioned his travel agent (buried but it's there.)

I would tell the agent to be strong with both suppliers and get their district sales managers involved. Besides trying to help agencies increase sales, DSMs also protect their product's reputation.
This is an ideal time for the DSMs to do precisely that