American express serve is a nightmare Help me understand pls

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Mar 1, 2019
ok i really need your help to understand and get to a reasonable solution to this issue. I have been getting direct deposit thru american express serve for the past three months and it's not an issue because this company put a hold on two of my refunds due to "merchant hold"/ "fraud" one transaction was thru paypal in the amount of 45 dollars and the second one was thru shore shock books in the amount of 84 dollars. The transaction for 45 dollars was sent to a phone company however I didnt send the money the correct way thru zelle so two hours later paypal refunded me the money back. for the other transaction for 84 dollars this was for a magazine subscription that i was interested in but 24 hours later I changed my mind because i found a cheaper price somewhere else so I contacted that company as well and they to refunded me the money back. so it is to my surprise and amazement that american express serve told me that I had to wait seven days including weekends to get my money posted back to my account mind you that i couldnt even inquire about the refunds until they actually posted to the account which took an additional 24 hours so they initially told me that the funds would posted back to my account march 5th which didnt sit well with me because both companies had already settled with me and ended the situation and fully refunded me. when i called again after being put on hold for an hour and a half the supervisor told me that the payout would post on march 7th which is not what the other customer service rep told me so i asked her why is the refund taking this long to post if the merchant already settled this issue and i was told it was there policy and fraud which is just bs in my head because how can a company just assume that and ive never reported any type of fraud. they came to there own conclusion about something based on there personal opinion instead of me the customer which is really unfair and bias in my opinion. I called back again this morning to try to understand all of the mixed up information that im being given and this customer service rep told me that it takes seven business days for the funds to post and that it would be there march 11 which is now in my eyes just completely all over the place and pretty much giving me the runaround. how can it be a merchant hold on something already settled and why is the refund date constantly changing. I cant even file a dispute with any transactions because of this "merchant hold" and or fraud which is in my opinion just an excuse to delay my money. Ive had a hold before and when i called they immediately removed it and posted it back to my account same being said for a couple of credits and they were done within 48 hours so why now is it such a pain to get my money back. help
Sep 19, 2015
missmotivated the concern of fraud may not be because of you but with problems with the merchants -- ie paypal and the magazine company.

The truth is money is quick to go out and slow to be credited.
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Jul 13, 2016
Like it or not, this is standard operating procedure for all banks and credit card companies. It is a preventative measure to fight fraud. Serve is not saying you are a fraud, or that the refunds are frauds. The bank and credit card companies need to look over their records and make sure that the initial charge was correct, and then refund back to your account. I knew of a man who was overcharged $18,000. He signed the charge for $22,000, instead of $2,200. It took the bank and credit card company a week to sort it out.
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Dec 11, 2014
I can't really read or understand your problem because it is too hard to read, but American Express Serve card is not a credit card, it is a debit card. The banking rules for refunding cash are different than a credit card. Next time, use a credit card. This is not the first complaint we've had about American Express Serve because someone is trying to use it like a credit card.
Dec 20, 2018
Since she's using a prepaid debit.card for direct deposits, rather than a checking account. I think it's fair to assume she doesn't have any credit cards, or good enough credit to get one. Using a credit card instead if a debit card isn't an option for everyone.

As for the refund posting time, I have a debit card linked to a checking account, and I've had refunds take as long as a week to post. It's frustrating but not unusual.