American Express Serve Card.

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May 1, 2021
Today I was informed by American Express serve card where my social security gets deposited that my account that has all of my money 564.00 to be exact, has been locked and suspended due to violation from user agreement line 15 d. I don’t even know what that is and they won’t tell me either. So they suspend my card and I can’t have access to any of my money and they won’t even tell me what exactly I did wrong. They are thieves and way out of line with this crap. I am starving and need my money to eat and feed my son and my cat. When I told the lady to close my account she hung up on me. Who can I call to help me?
This is such b I had this happen to me today. I was told my account has been suspended and locked because of rule 15 d. I don’t even know what this is I have been on the phone all day with them I have explained to them I am in serious crisis at this time I am currently homeless and disabled this is why I have a serve card so my social security gets deposited with them. I have been a customer for 10 plus years and never have I heard of such a thing. That they can just shut your shot down and not even give a reason. When I asked today several times what exactly I did they told me that they don’t have access to that info and that I would have to write a letter and mail it to American Express. I told the lady that’s fine I’m not doing and I can’t physically go get a paper and envelope and stamp and mail them a letter I am homeless and struggling why do I have to go out of my way for a mystery violation and do all of this to have access to my money. I told the xxxxx to close my account now and refund my money. And she hung up on me. I’m hot over this I want to sue them for causing me such problems and making my life more difficult I need this money it’s all I have I am literally living in my car with my dependent adult son and my cat. This is so unfair. Please does anyone have suggestion on how to get my money.

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Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
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Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Below is section 15d of the User Agreement. If you told them to close the account, and they do so, per the below excerpt they will send the funds to the State.

You can use our company contacts to attempt to address this directly with the company. The following post will explain how to best use them.

d. Suspension of Use; Cancellation; Closure.​
We, in our sole discretion, may limit your use of, suspend or terminate your privileges with respect to your Account (including your Goals), Subaccount, card and/or Subaccount card with or without cause or notice, other than any notice required by Applicable Law, including in the event we believe there has been a breach in security or there has been unauthorized activity involving your Account or you have engaged in activity that is fraudulent or inappropriate (e.g., manufacture activity that is inconsistent with the intended use of the Account) or violates the terms of this User Agreement. We will only close your Account if there are no funds remaining in your Account (including your Goals) or Subaccount, unless you specifically instruct us to close your Account or Subaccount with funds remaining, in which case, any remaining funds will be escheated to the applicable state in accordance with Applicable Law. Closure of your Account will prohibit your access to the Service.​
If we decide to close or suspend use of your Account or Subaccount (which closure will result in termination of your privileges with respect to the associated card and/or Subaccount card), we will send an email to the primary email address we have in our records for you. Upon closure of your Account and/or Subaccount (and termination of your privileges with respect to the associated card and/or Subaccount card), you must immediately discontinue use of your Account and/or Subaccount and associated card and/or Subaccount card, as applicable. Our closure of your Account and/or Subaccount (and termination of your privileges with respect to the associated card and/or Subaccount card) will not affect your obligations under this Agreement.​


May 30, 2019
I'm sorry about your unfortunate situation. You made it worse by using foul language and threatening language. If you use inappropriate language and shout at a rep, the rep will hang up again.

If you told the first rep to close your account, it may have been closed per your instructions. And that may have been permanent. Refunds typically take weeks to process while accounts and activity are reconciled.

You can't sue them for something that is legal. Unfortunately, you are at a disadvantage and need to follow their instructions.

I suppose an alternative is to reach out to the office that administers sending your the funds.

Whatever you do, you need to be polite even if that means biting your lip until it bleeds.