American Airlines need seats assigned

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Nov 28, 2018
We are two Seniors attempting to visit our son and family working a short time in Puerto Varas, Chile. The agreed upon visit time was to be the month of January. Our son said we must hurry to get tickets since that is high tourist season in Chile and suggested American Airlines flies there.

On Monday, 11/5/18, I went to what I thought was American Airlines website. What came up was It totally appeared to be an authorized partner of American Airlines.

Talked to “A” of CheapOair, who helped with discerning which combination of flights best for dates and departure location. Every selection came up with "1 ticket left" "or "hurry, 2 tickets left."
I agreed upon itinerary of Santa Fe NM to Dallas to Santiago, Chile, to Puerto Monte Chile. When I started to give passport information, my husband could not find his.
“A” said she would hold the itinerary and call back in 15 minutes.

At appointed time, “A” did not call, but “M” called and started over discussing the itinerary. I said “Where is the one saved under my name by “A”? He said that those dates and flights were no longer available and he could only offer departing one day earlier, staying one day later, departing from Albuquerque, not Santa Fe and cost $75.50 more per ticket.

I was told I needed to purchase right then, tickets were going so quickly, they could not be reserved. I agreed.

Then, “M” started discussion about seats. He asked would I and my husband like to sit together. I said, "Of course." Would I like window or aisle…all seemingly

AT NO TIME WAS IT DISCLOSED THAT I WAS PAYING an add-on "AGENCY FEE" I thought that whatever arrangements American Airlines made with their subsidiary/partner CheapOair was internal, like "" for lodging.

When I received the "Billing Details" via email, I about had a heart attack. Added to the price of 2 Senior Tickets was an unasked for "Traveler Assist" for $19.90, and a WHOOPING $418.46 "Paid Seats “Fee” and finally, added on “Taxes and Agency Fees” of $243.10.

I immediately called the "Help with your booking # 1-888-481-8857. After holding for 30 minutes, I finally talked to rep, “G”, then supervisor. I told them that when I purchase an airline ticket, I assume I am going to be provided a seat. -- not pay extra.

The $418.46 was removed, but now I do not have confirmed seats for the Santiago - Puerto Montt, Chile flight section of the departure itinerary…
and NO CONFIRMED SEATS for the any of the segments of the return itinerary Jan. 31 for Puerto Montt, Santiago, Dallas, and Albuquerque.

I know you must be asking, “Why have you waited so long to request help?”
First, I was totally embarrassed and humiliated that I was another Senior who had been taken in, "scammed." I believed the agents when they said all the tickets would be gone if I hesitated.

And, I did not hear of your website until visiting a friend in Langley, WA for Thanksgiving.

Today, I went to the American Airlines website and it came up aa.comcheapflights and this time the overlay website was "”

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Why didn’t you cancel the booking when you knew they never booked the original tickets and go directly to the airline? You never had a reservation, you had no obligation to book with them.

When they gave you the full price for the tickets, did it include all these fees?

Do you have ticket numbers for each of your tickets?
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Dec 11, 2014
CheapoAir is a third-party booking site, not American Airlines. You will unfortunately have to deal with them. American Airlines will not help you. Please review all emails you received from CheapoAir, especially all the fine print including Terms and Conditions. Stop calling them on the phone. You may be able to cancel the tickets for a penalty fee, which I recommend, even though you will lose money. Only book directly with the airlines. This is American's website: The website you link to, goes to American's website as a non-existent page.


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
American airlines is:

The others are trying to scam you out of fees. However if you had booked on the website you would have had to pay for seats. Seating choice no longer comes with a ticket purchase. If you want specific seats you will have to pay. Unfortunately you have non-refundable seats on what ever website you booked. Have you checked the confirmation your were given on the american website to see if you actaully have a ticket?
If you are lucky they may not have actually made the reservation and you can get the money back form your credit card (I hope you used a credit card and not a debit card).


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Oh, this is awful. I would find a real travel agent who can help you possibly cancel with this disgusting online booking service and arrange your trip according to your wishes. Even if it costs a penalty fee and a fee for the TA's time, it's worth it to get out from under these scammers. If you have any problems during your trip, you'll be helpless because they won't help you, you'll call and get put on hold for hours. I'm so sorry you didn't get some assistance with the original booking.