American Airlines lost our bag

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My name is Timothy Lee and i am at my wit's end with American Airlines. We are on day 2 of our vacation in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. The airline has lost my bag and seem to not be helping or providing answers as to what our recourse is. The situation is we flew from MSP with Connection in DFW to VPS (Destin/Ft. Walton Beach Airport) on 3/10/2015. The Flight number from DFW to VPS was 2996 arrived at VPS approximately 12:44 pm on 3/10/2015. Two of our 3 bags were there so we filed a claim and they assumed it would be on the next flight and offered to deliver to us. This is great however we got no phone call saying they found it so called American and the rep said it should be on the 8 pm flight. Well we heard this earlier so asked to speak with a supervisor as we just felt they were saying things to just appease us and get off our phone call. We then asked to speak with a supervisor who told us they should not be speculating when it should arrive as they have no control over cancellations and such. Well we are on 2 days with no response now and continue checking the bag status only to find it has not been located. Alll they can say is it was scanned in Dallas which is where our connection flight was so we know it was accidentally taken at our destination because it never made it here. We have a 7 month old and our breast pump is in this bag along with all of my clothes and personal items. We tried contacting customer relations waiting on hold for over an hour just to speak with Annalise who only could give us a "better" phone number at the airport. She refused to give us a manager or even provide her last name/employee number and basically said she could do nothing more for me and was going to end the call. I'm just very displeased with the handling of the situation by American Airlines and frustrated that we had to pay for baggage that was not even delivered and seem to get no help from the airline. My name is Timothy Lee - flight was our connection flight from DFW to VPS flight number 2996. Is there any suggestions or any help you can give us to try and recover our bag or get reimbursed for the contents? I understand there is a process but i can't seem to get any satisfying answers. Thanks so much for your time, and look forward to hearing from you.
Timothy Lee
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Nov 21, 2014
Please remove your Locator number... This is a public forumn and that info gives anyone reading access to your entire booking.... To edit use "tools" drop down box at bottom of your post.
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Jan 3, 2015
@Timothy Lee, it is always frustrating to arrive at a destination and not have your luggage arrive with you. There could be a million reasons as to why it didn't show up at VPS, so let's not speculate on the reasons for it.

What to do now? First and foremost, if you need something to enjoy your trip, buy it. Make sure you keep your itemized receipts. If you are buying multiple items at a store and some are to replace luggage items and some are non-luggage replacement items, make 2 separate purchases so that they are on different receipts. This will be important when you put in a claim later.

During your trip, you can keep following up with AA if you'd like, but try not to let it distract you from enjoying your vacation. Get the items you need to replace what you lost. These items should only be for those lost though (clothes, toiletries, sunscreen, etc.) Do NOT use this as a time to try and buy toys for kids, gadgets, etc. as you won't get reimbursed for those. If you get to the end of the trip and you still don't have a suitcase to put all your new items in, you may need to get a new suitcase as well (keep this receipt too!)

By the time you get home, if you still do not have a suitcase, you'll need to file a claim with AA for two sets of items. One would be for the items lost in the suitcase. Please make sure not to list any valuables (such as electronics, jewelry, etc.) as those should not be checked in the first place and AA will never pay for them. The second claim to make is for the new items you had to purchase for your trip. This claim will need to be done whether or not you receive your original suitcase. Each item you bought to replace items in the suitcase should be listed in your claim with a receipt provided. AA will provide you with forms for these claims. Please be sure to follow their instructions exactly as listed. You don't want your claim held up because of a technicality.
thank you for the information. Unfortunately we did check a breast pump as we have a 7 month old baby and that was in my suitcase. Are you saying they will not replace this? as it was a $200+ item?
Jan 3, 2015
@Timothy Lee, the specific liability limitations for AA can be found at

Then, to see specifically what they will not cover, you can find the information at

A breast pump is not specifically listed in there, so they may cover it. However, it wouldn't shock me either if they considered that to be a "medical" device and then deny the claim on it. This is one of those cases where it is open to interpretation. If it is something you need now though, my recommendation would be to obtain one in Destin and deal with fighting with AA over it later.
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Oct 10, 2014

Here's the lost luggage policy of AA:

Since you are away, you are entitled to reimbursement for interim expenses. Did you get authorization and instruction for it at the airport?

I don't know how exactly it works because when AA lost my luggage, I was coming back home, but keep all the receipts for whatever you buy during this vacation.

AA's online baggage status is a joke. It didn't update the entire time: Even after we got our bag back, it just said the bag was located on the day it was lost. Check the status in, instead. That one updates better. Contacting AA's CSR through web form is futile. The rep didn't even bother to look up my file locator.

After 5 days, AA considers the luggage is not only delayed, but officially lost forever. You will be entitled to reimbursement for the entire content of your bags, up to $3,400, with some restrictions and exceptions. There's instruction in the page I provided. I hope you will get your bags back eventually and won't have to file a form.

Our bag arrived on the fifth day, pretty much out of blue. You should check with the hotel front frequently as well. AA, or the hotel for that matter, won't tell you that your bag has arrived.

It's funny that when we lost a bag in Florida a decade ago with Delta, my son was an infant as well. It was tough because carry-on bags were not big enough to put all the things he needed. We didn't rent a car, so we walked down to a shopping center to buy extra diapers. I'm sure you feel frustrated now, but this kind of mishaps becomes a good and perpetual memory eventually. We frequented Florida, but I don't remember these trips very well except this particular one with a lost luggage.

Good luck.
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Mar 4, 2015
Just a clarification regarding "valuables", "electronics", and "medical devices."

Carriers often disclaim responsibility and/or contractually prohibit these items from checked baggage. However, per Article 17 of the Montreal Convention and per per guidance from the US Department of Transportation, "once a carrier accepts checked baggage, whatever is contained in the checked baggage is protected," up to the established limits.

Carriers often try to avoid paying such claims. However, when consumers have challenged their rejected claims, the carriers have lost in court and have been fined by the DOT.