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May 28, 2018
Hi Chris,
I need your help regarding my last flight with American Airlines.
My husband and I booked a round trip ticket using AA miles. We were flying First Class.
Deborah record locator xxxxx. Stephen record locator xxxxx
We flew from TUS to PBI on May 8th via a layover on ORD. Flight # 2795 and connecting to Flight 1364. All went well. Our return flight was May14th: flight number 1364 and 2702, PBI to ORD and ORD to TUS. This is where our nightmare started.
We returned our rental car and arrived at the airport. At the ticket counter we were told our flight has been delayed 4-5 hours and we would miss our connecting flight in ORD. We would have to spend the night at the airport. I said this was totally unacceptable. Why was I not notified prior to going to the airport? I asked about getting out on May 15th. There were no seats available. How about May 16th? They got us a flight from PBI to ORD, flight number 1364 with a connection to Flight 2702 ORD to TUS. We got on Flight 2702. Then the pilot comes on the intercom and said: sorry this flight has been cancelled because the crew has exceeded their flying hours. So everyone got off the plane. How can you load passengers on the plane knowing there was no crew? To me this was unreal. We were given a taxi and hotel voucher. They would re book our flight for May 17th. I would need to check my e-mail for flight information. On May 17th I checked my e-mail and there was nothing. So we decided to go back the the airport. At the ticket counter I was told I was booked on an early morning flight, never notified and my husband was not booked on any flight. How can this be possible? After 1 1/2 hours at the ticket counter they finally got us on a flight from ORD to PHX, not TUS. They said once we got to PHX they would give us a voucher for the AZ shuttle to get back to TUS, but not back to the airport where our car was parked. This would mean us taking a taxi back to the airport. Not happy with the situation, however we did not have another option. We ended up flying from ORD to PHX in economy, even though we had booked the flights on First Class. By this time I was totally frustrated. I just wanted to get home. I asked where our luggage was and they told me they had no idea. So we waited for a 5:30 shuttle. We gave the driver our voucher and he said he could not accept it because there was no monetary value on the vouch. We were told we needed to got back to thicket counter and get a new voucher. We went back to the ticket counter and was told this is a valid voucher. They said there was no other voucher they could give us. At this point in time, I demanded a flight from PHX to TUS. They finally were able to get us on a flight from PHX to TUS after spending over 1 hour at the ticket counter. This flight was in economy, not First Class. I have been trying to communicate with AA customer relations, however you can not get to speak to real person. I am asking to AA to give us back the frequent miles we used for this trip. We each used 50,000 for the round trip flight. The first part of the flight was ok. However the second part of our was a disaster. Beside that our luggage was lost. We did not get our luggage until May 18th. We just want to be given back our miles since we did not fly First class from ORD to TUS. I do not think this is an reasonable. Please advise.
Deborah Moss

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Oh boy you did have a terrible ordeal.

We have company contacts for AA under airlines:

I suggest you rewrite your letter and use bullet points with facts only. Your letter is very difficult to read because there are no paragraphs.

State the facts only and start with Customer Relations. Give them a week to reply and then move up. Read the information on the cover page of the Company Contacts about the way to escalate and let us know how you make out.
Oct 10, 2016
Huntley, IL
AA is known for things like that. I had a situation with AA a few years ago regarding an overcharge on checked baggage. At ORD, the AA supervisor gave me the card of Greg Clark, Managing Director of Customer Relations. There was an email and a fax number, but no phone number. They don't want to talk to anyone. The email I have is:, and the website is The street address is: American Airlines, Inc., Customer Relations Department, P.O. Box 619612/MD2400, DFW Intl Airport, TX 75262-9612. Just in case you want to send a snail mail letter. After several emails back and forth, I got my money back. Worth a try! Good Luck
Mar 23, 2015
Having had a similarly nightmarish incident with AA last summer coming from Vegas, I can tell you to 1: be persistent. 2: if you have a Twitter account, it helps; they DO read it and 3: provide a phone number. Paper trails are great, but things really started moving for me when "Martha" called me and said, "I want to understand exactly what happened and what you'd like" and then she made it happen and followed up with confirmation emails and her direct contact information. So definitely keep up a paper trail, but make it possible for them to contact you, as well. Lastly, your writing needs to be edited WAY down. Your frustration shows through, and I get it, but "how can they do X..." and editorializing just makes it tiring for them to read and difficult to follow the sequence of events. Just my two cents... Good Luck!