Amazon canceled my order and voided my gift card balance

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Mar 25, 2019
I previously had $500 plus as my gift card balance on amazon but purchased 2 $100 dollar giftcards to add to my balance in other to be able to make my purchase.
I successfully loaded the cards and purchased the products only for me to receive an email 3 days after, that it was an illegal gift card transaction and that my order has been cancelled as well as the whole of my gift card balance voided. I tried severally through emails, calls and chats to reach the customer service representatives who has little or no knowledge on why exactly that happened. At the end of all my engagement , all i get is that they will contact the responsible team and i will get an update soonest. The updates though does not give any detail on what exactly was wrong but its always a generic automated response of cancelled orders and voided giftcards.
I have sent pictures of the receipt and gift card to amazon but up until today i have not gotten a proper explanation nor balance restored.

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Jan 6, 2015
That is most often caused by the seller from whom you purchased the cards. Often times Amazon will flag that as illegal. How long has it been since you first emailed them?
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Mar 25, 2019
Where did you buy all the cards? Did you by any chance use a gift card to buy the new gift cards? That isn’t permitted.

Here is a similar thread- use the information in it about writing to Amazon.
already had existing bslance of $500 which has been sitting in my account for months now (those were krogers)..... i will take your advise and share check the links. Thank younNeil

Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
There have been a lot of issues with gift cards being used as currency for illicit activities, which companies are aware of and trying to combat. Also, there has been a lot of fraudulent use of these cards, especially if they are purchased from a 3rd party.

The main purpose of the cards is to provide as gifts to other people, using them as a primary means of purchases on your own account may have triggered something in their system that is detecting it as one of the above.

I see that you are logging in from Nigeria, which I'm afraid is where a large amount of fraud and illicit activity originates. I'm afraid that we cannot help you further on this, but please feel free to use our company contacts to contact the company directly to try and resolve.

I'm closing this thread.
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