Amazon account on hold for 10 weeks

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Oct 4, 2018
Hello, my amazon account has been on hold since 27th of September, the first 7 weeks of this was me battling with different stages of verification from
1.Amazon requesting i provide receipt of my last order which i did
2. To amazon requesting i provide statement of account to my VISA card which i also did
3. Amazon requesting i provide receipt to the giftcards of a very old order which i also provided
4. To providing my billing information
Then all this whole circle was recycled again and i had to re provide all these documents over again as requested by amazon
Until November 13 when i got MAIL from amazon stating my account was closed because it is related to an account that has been closed by amazon in the past, all efforts to get a response from the account team has proved impossible, after more than 20 mails to the account team , 3 faxes , numerous calls and chats with the customer care service and assurances of getting a response from the account team within 24hrs , well its a month and 3days not once have i gotten a response. ...
I dont know whats going on and why am been ignored, i could categorically state that all details of this account only relates to this account , has it is my first and only amazon account which makes it almist impossible to have had any other account related to mine. ......
My amazon account mail=

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Neil Maley

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Dec 27, 2014
New York
We already advised you what to do on your original thread.

If you’ve written to all the Executives as we advised you and they haven’t re/opened the account , we can’t do anything else for you- Amazon will not respond to us with these issues.

I’m going to close this thread as there is nothing else we can help with. It is also against our rules to open another thread on the same subject if we closed the original.

“Locked forum threads and blog comment sections are considered closed topics, and thus should not be referenced or re-opened in another forum thread or blog comment. Also, discussion of moderator actions should not occur in the forums or blog comment sections. Please contact the moderation team or managers via the private message system if you have questions or concerns”
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