amazon account is locked

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May 10, 2018
My amazon account is locked and my master card is hold. Although I send the email to the account specialists several times, they said they could not confirm.
I need to unlock my account and I want my money back to my master card.
My card is a genuine one and I want to make a regular customer on this site.
Please I need to make some urgent purchase so please amazon unhold or unlock my account.
Mar 17, 2015
We are not amazon. This is just a group of volunteers. Please use the company contacts link at the top of the page and write to the Amazon execs one at a time, leaving a week in between each if you don't hear back. Getting a locked Amazon account opened up is something beyond our capabilities. We can only point you to the execs.

Why is your Master card on hold? Is it just on hold with Amazon? If it is a separate issue, you will need to contact the Master Card execs separately.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Alas, you are one of many people who get kicked out of Amazon. Their computers apparently are set up to flag anything that even remotely violates their rules. I would suggest that you read those rules carefully to see where you might have an issue. Amazon is very difficult to reach, but using our Company Contacts might help if you know what the problem is.

I'm assuming that your Master Card is only a problem with Amazon, right? You can still use it for other companies? If so, figuring out why they've blocked you will release your MC as well. I wish we could be more help, but thousands of people seem to run afoul of Amazon and we have no idea why. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.
May 10, 2018
$500 is get into my master card and I bough the laptop from After that I cancle the order. Soon my account is locked and the money in my master card is not appear only $48 left. Even though I send the document of the master card, amazon specialist said they cannot confirm. I don't know what happened. Please help me what should I do