Amazon account closed

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Aug 13, 2019

For the past years i have been managing to get giftcards for services and either buying stuff to myself or buying giftcards for better price to others, total claim is about 550$ left.Is there any chance to get 'unclosed'?I don't care that much.They have once locked me till i called them out, but it was many months ago, throughout time i think i've sold over 400 giftcards on my amazon account, many times in big batches at once so find it weird why i get closed right now.None of the giftcards i have used were laundered just about 1 in 50 chargebacked so i think by any standards they were high quality.

Aug 13, 2019
You have violated Amazon's terms of service by re-selling gift cards. Since you have already been suspended once, it is highly unlikely they will re-open your account. Please read the following post, and follow the self-advocacy advice. We are unable to advocate with Amazon; they do not respond to us.
Thanks what about the balance? were the giftcards i have redeemed refunded to the users who gave them to me or i may inquire from the receiving email to get them?
Jan 11, 2019
Getting gift cards in lieu of cash for services is also a no no. It's called tax evasion. I'm surprised you weren't shut down sooner. Everytime I read about another Amazon account being shut down it always involves gift cards in large quantities or dollar amounts. Follow the rules and you won't get shut down.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Thanks what about the balance? were the giftcards i have redeemed refunded to the users who gave them to me or i may inquire from the receiving email to get them?
We have no idea. You will need to contact Amazon and see what they say. You were getting these cards in violation of Amazon’s policy. They are the only ones that can make that decision.

Let us know the outcome after you contact them. Good luck.
Sep 27, 2017
The rest of these comments here are pretty much on point. Amazon loves to go radio silent with the advocates on this site. The company is the one nut has trouble cracking.

In addition, Amazon's TOS can be cloudy. Many of us have had to deduct policy by learning from mistakes. One mistake we found out, is dealing with gift cards in volume, high dollar amounts, or for use in shipping electronics outside of the country. Those moves beg for the red flag treatment.