Am I due compensation from American under EU Law?

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@SeniorTraveler as your delay was between 3 - 4 hours and the distance greater than 3500 km, you may still be due cash compensation under EC261, depending on the reason for the delay. For 4 or more hours the compensation is 600 Euros, for 3 or more it is 300 Euros.

Our recommendation is to write AA and request your compensation, specifically mentioning EC261. The airline is required to either pay or provide you a reason they are denying the request. If the airline denies the compensation or does not respond to your request within 6 weeks, you can submit a complaint to the National Enforcement Body in France, who can determine if compensation was properly denied.

You can submit your request via AA's online form (select Consumer relations/complaint/delayed canceled flight):

Give them 2 weeks to respond, then start using our company contacts to appeal further for a response using the guidance in the following post:
I've just received a reply from AA Customers Relations. They apologized for the delay and offered me a monetary payment of 300EUR or a travel voucher for 400USD. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I read in your forum that if offered a travel voucher or cash it's best to take the cash so I'm taking the 300EUR. Thank you so much for your advice!