Allegiant airline failed reimbursement

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Sep 7, 2015
I traveled to Sioux Falls, SD on June 27, 2015 from Phoenix, AZ which was a nonstop flight. Somehow my baggage was mistagged and another customers bag showed up with my name on it. I was unable to talk with a representative as they were not at the ticket counter and wouldn't be until the following day. I tried several times to call a customer service line to be on hold for several hours. Once I got through, I was told to save all my receipts for items I had to purchase due to my luggage being lost. In the time I was on vacation, my luggage traveled from Phoenix to Wisconsin, to Florida, and then to Fargo and arrived at the front door a day before I was to fly home to Phoenix. In that time I had spent $240 plus had to replace the luggage that was destroyed during the week. I have sent complaint forms in to Allegiant and have contacted Scott Justice as well as a woman named Denise from the corporate baggage office, however have received no response from either of them. I have sent copies of my receipts, however, emails and calls are not returned. I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau but still have not received reimbursement, which was promised by a call center team member and Scott Justice himself. Upon submitting a complaint as directed to by the call center team member, I received an email verifying the claim and that it would be resolved within 4-6 weeks. This email confirmation was received June 28, 2015. I would like my money back as the airline failed to do their job, causing financial difficulty during my vacation as well as the following months. I did not have the means to afford their mistake while I was traveling and I still have not recovered due to it as I am a nursing student who works very little.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
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Dec 27, 2014
New York
Hi Megan:

I understand your frustration! Here are our company contacts at Allegiant

Write a succinct letter to them, stating facts only and submit receipts. Give them a week to get back to you. If they don't or don't supply you with the money due, write to the first executive on the list. Give him/her a week to get back to you, if no response, write to the next, repeat.

Another way to catch their eye is to post on their Facebook or Twitter page.

I also recommend checking with the credit card company you used to buy your ticket- they may have some coverage for delayed baggage.

Good luck and let us know if these help.
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Mar 17, 2015
I would write to them, stop calling. Reference any claim numbers and state that you were told you were to receive a refund in 4-6 weeks. Provide the copies of your receipts again. It has not been 8 and you are checking on the status of your refund. Ask them if you need to provide any additional information, and if they do, submit it promptly. Keep a trail, keep off the phone, and keep it short. Your luggage was lost, you had to purchase clothing and incidentals while lost, you want reimbursement for those items, here are receipts.

Then, after writing to them again, wait a week, if no response, start escalating using the company contacts at the top of this page. Write to each executive, starting at the bottom and moving your way up, giving them each a week to respond. Do not write them all at once. Give each of them a week to fix this.
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