All I need is a Cancellation Statement - Emirates cannot produce one ! and Chase Eclaims say they need one ! They just cant do math!

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May 22, 2019
Emirates Seems to be have either worst systems in place or just a "refunds team" that doesnt know how to do their job or just cant do their job for whatever reason. and Chase Eclaims just wants to find reasons not to pay up even for legitimate cases !

Details below.

I booked two return tickets from LAX to MAA ( Return via CAI) in November 2018. For some reasons, I couldn't take the trip and had to cancel the whole Itinerary. We requested a cancellation ( Emirates does not have an online cancellation capability in the system like most airlines !!!). I got a confirmation email for a cancellation request without any details like how much I would be refunded etc.) A few days later, a certain amount does get refunded. I never got a refund statement or a cancellation statement which would give the break up of the penalties that I have paid. This is about 850 USD !

The reasons why I couldnt travel qualify for Chase travel insurance coverage provided by my Mileage Plus Club Card and I did submit a claim with the following details.

a. Original Ticket and Itinerary
b. Credit Card Statements Showing Original Purchase
c. Cancellation Request email from Emirates
d. Credit Card Statements showing Refund from Emirates
e. All other supporting documentation .

Now Chase eclaims insist that they need a letter on Emirates Letter Head that should provide the break up of penalties and fees ! I have called Emirates customer service a few times, reached out to them via chat, only to be told that "refunds team" is the only one that can issue this. Everytime i call or reach out to customer service, they just give me the run around. I reached to them via twitter too - but no resolution yet.

I did try folllowing up with Chase Eclaims to see if they can be reasonable - but NO ! They insist on some paperwork that the airline refuses to produce !