Alamo trying to get me with a damage claim

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Jan 18, 2019
I got a similar situation, I returned the car days ago and the guys said the rear right side upper body has a dent, I did not see anything so I took a few pictures and ask him with "Really?". He said it is ok you are good to go. By the way I bought insurance. A few days later I got a letter from this Damage Recover Unit about the damage. I called them to challenge again and they closed the claim. they said they will take care of the damage and cost of the claim. I wonder if they will go after the insurance company.

The bottom line is, this is a harassment, a totally bogus claim. I wonder if Alamo is doing to everyone who rented this car. We might need to work together to sue them to prevent this type of harassment.

Carrie Livingston

Staff Member
Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
We have a thread with how to deal with it here. When writing, read how to write here. When you email don't attach anything to your email as that may cause it to get bounced back. Don't email everyone all at once as if you do that, they may think someone else is handling the problem or if you don't get what you want, you have nowhere else to go. Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.