Alamo false damage claim

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Aug 4, 2017
This week, I received a notification that Alamo was going to charge me for damage to the car I rented (there was none).

The notification came from the “Damage Recovery Unit,” with contacts as follows:
phone: 886 300 3239
Email: ( is Enterprise Holdings, Alamo’s parent company).

In searching for the owner of the phone number, I came across numerous complaints of similar maltreatment.

I sent the following to the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City MO (which forwarded it to Oakland CA, as the Alamo office there is a franchise), and to Alamo itself:

I reject this claim as being either mistaken or false.

First, there is no identifying mark in the photos that indicates the identity of the vehicle in question. Why should anyone think this is the vehicle that I rented?

Second, there is no indication anywhere in the photos that indicates the date on which the pictures were taken. Why should anyone think the alleged damage is my fault, rather than that of a previous customer, a later customer, or one of your own employees?

Third, the vehicle I rented was not in any collision that might have caused such damage. What evidence do you have that it was? Please provide the inspection documentation completed immediately prior to my rental period.

Fourth, there is a long string of complaints against your company for false claims such as this, as evidenced in the link I provided earlier, and reproduce below.

As you have not provided time-dated evidence – with the vehicle registration number clearly visible – to support your claim, I will not pay this bill. As you have not proven that no other customer could have caused this damage, I will not pay this bill.
Feb 9, 2016
Good job! Please let us know what they say and if you would be so kind as to paste the link that demonstrates the number of false claims against the company, I wuld appreciate it.

It may assist future posters.

This scars me because I am renting a car from budget at OAK in a few months, and this is the same airport that tried to get me for damage a few years ago.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Honestly the BBB is useless for these claims. They do nothing but send your letter to Alamo for a response and tell you what the response is. They cannot force the company to do anything and often if the company pays to be a member of the BBB it doesn't even affect their rating.

We have a thread pasted to the forum telling you how to handle this.

You have already done step one by the good letter you sent to Alamo customer service. Give them a week to reply, if they don't drop it, move to the first executive and repeat weekly.
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