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Feb 16, 2018
Approximately two months ago, I rented a car in Nuremberg, Germany. As always, I thoroughly checked the status of the car (scratches, dents, etc.) before driving away and there were indeed a few scratches that Alamo/Enterprise pointed out to me. All good.

As the rental car office at the airport does not open early and I had an early flight home, I was directed to simply drop the car off in a designated row inside of a parking garage where other rental cars are returned as well. It was quite busy inside when I returned the car as many others were dropping cars off as well, but I had been instructed to just leave the key in the car as no employee would be present to check the car over or to give me a receipt. I carefully looked the car over to make sure there were no new scratches or other damage and then caught my flight home.

Later that day, I received an email from Alamo/Enterprise stating that there was a new scratch on the front left bumper. I had inspected the front bumper carefully when I dropped the car off and the scratch was not present at that time. Furthermore, I noticed in the picture of the scratch that Alamo/Enterprise had attached to their email that the car was in an entirely different location than where I had dropped it off. I immediately responded to Alamo/Enterprise and let them know that the car had been moved since I dropped it off and that the small scratch in the picture had not been present when I returned the vehicle. However, Alamo/Enterprise never responded to my concerns and I eventually assumed that they had verified what I told them and that they had dropped the matter.

As such, I was shocked to receive an email from Alamo/Enterprise this morning, two months after returning the car, that contained a bill of almost $1,000 for that same tiny scratch.

Aside from the truly outrageous bill for such a tiny scratch I believe I am being unfairly charged for damage I did not cause. In addition, I was ignored when I pointed out that the car had been moved from where I had dropped it off and tried to resolve the matter with Alamo/Enterprise on the same day I returned the car. Anyone could have moved the car and scratched it after I returned it, but Alamo refused to acknowledge my concern and charged me after TWO MONTHS after the fact, without any explanation or justification.

Thank you.
Jan 6, 2015
You should use the Company Contacts link at the top of this page to escalate your case to them.
Before you do, be sure to read and follow the instructions at the top of the first page.

Use this information as a guide:
Car Rentals: Dealing with Damage Claims

The best way to combat this going forward is to take pictures of every part of the car, both inside and out ...