Alamo damage claim - won't tell me what the damage is

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Hi advocates,

I have a story that is all too familiar on this forum it seems. I rented a SUV for work while visiting Houston from 5/17 to 5/21 this year. I picked up and dropped off at IAH, and specifically returned the car to the attendant without any damage. 3 weeks later I received a bill for damage and admin fee for $225. I contacted Alamo via email on 6/19 per's instructions on the website, and they sent me an investigation questionnaire on 7/11 which I filled out and sent back on 7/11. To-date, they have not told me what the damage was, how they knew it was related to my rental, or the outcome of their own investigation. The phone number of the Alamo contact person is also listed on the web as a common scam number, but I keep getting letters with official Alamo letterhead saying they would send me to collection. I sent the email to their NA Executive this week and have received no response so far. Can you help me get them to drop this claim of unclear damage?

Thank you



Verified Member
Oct 2, 2014
@William Hu Their claim isn't valid until they can provide proof of damage etc. Since they haven't to date or even completed their investigation, there's no reason to take any further action. You're waiting on them... Be patient.