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May 11, 2018

De : Stephan [mailto:[emailemail]]
Envoyé : mercredi 24 janvier 2018 10:36
À : Reservation Winair Saint Barths <>
Objet : request ticket refund

On November 23, 2017 I purchased two roundtrips SXM to SBH for Jan 6 going and Jan 22 returning.
Unfortunately on Jan 6 the connecting flight left JFK four hours late, making it impossible to use the tickets to SBH.
The details are: depart SXM 3:55 pm. E-ticket numbers xxxxxx and xxxxxxfor Stephan Chodorov and Martha Green.
On Jan 6, before even leaving JFK, I e-mailed Winair and explained the situation and asked to be put on a later flight. I was told there was no space and that my next chance, if there was space, would be the following morning. As we had no place to stay the night we could not follow up on that. We ended up taking the ferry.
I am requesting a refund of that portion of our ticket which we did not use. (We did use the return SBH to SXM on Jan 21.) The tickets were purchased on a credit card through One Travel.
Do you need any more information from me to process this request?

Envoyé : mercredi 24 janvier 2018 10:52
À : Reservation Winair Saint Barths <>;
Objet : Re: TR: request ticket

Good day
Tickets are non refundable, however unused portion is valid untill 23Nov of 2018. Can be used for future travel

De : Stephan
Envoyé : mercredi 31 janvier 2018 10:49
À : Reservation Winair Saint Barths <>
Objet : Re: request ticket refund

I find your answer unfair. You certainly sold my two seats on that flight to someone else so you did not lose money. My inability to use the seats was the fault of the connecting airline from JFK and I notified you of the situation hours before the Winair flight, when we were still sitting in the JFK airport. I have often been a customer of Winair and I think I should be treated with more understanding. I think you should at least agree to honor my unused tickets for a year since I will probably come to St Barth in 2019.
Thank you for considering this request,
Stephan Chodorov

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Sep 19, 2015
As Neil pointed out, you did not have a connecting flight. You had two separate reservations.

You could have bought refundable tickets. Non refundable means just that.

They are honoring the unused ticket for a year — it was purchased in Nov 2017 and they are giving until Nov 2018.

Perhaps a polite letter would help — without claiming unfair. Is it fair that you pay the cheaper non refundable fare and get a refund when people pay more for refundable tickets?
Sep 19, 2015
Oops I just checked — all winair flights are non refundable. Only a credit may be allowed if canceled more than 6 hours before.

Winair does interline with many other airlines, which means a connection on one ticket and that is what offers protection.

Try a polite letter asking for an extension of the credit
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