Air Maroc changed both my reservations without my cinsent

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Sep 9, 2019
I booked Royal Air Maroc in December 2018 for travel in August 2019. Three days before I was to leave I received an email from my travel agent that they changed my flight and instead of 4 hours in Casablanca, I now had 3 days. Now I had to change my next ticket to accommodate this. I had to rent a car, hotel and of course meals. I feel Royal Air Maroc should pay for this. I didn’t request this change and didn’t want this. They also changed my return ticket by 3 days shortening a family trip that was important. Can you help

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Did you know you could have refused the change? Did your travel agent give you any other options? Did the agent check other flights with the airline to see if they had any other flights that you could have changed to?

When you book that far in advance, schedules frequently change but that’s a big change very late.
Jan 6, 2015
From your description, this carrier seems to be either a "low-cost" carrier or one with limited routes. In the USA, Spirit and others will sell routes that have days in between flights. I am sorry to hear that you were caught up in this.

The list of executives I found are shown below. The syntax for their email seems to be: [email protected]

Writing suggestions
Decide on a reasonable resolution beforehand
Do not use inflammatory language - be polite and professional
Do not start with the CEO - begin at the lowest level indicated in the list shown below
Present a brief summary (list) of your case and give each contact one (1) week to respond before escalating to the next level

VP Flight Operations​
Executive VP Operations​
Deputy Chief Executive Officer​
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer​

One thing you can do in the future to avoid this issue is to look ahead at an airline's flight schedules.
Personally, I like to see two (2) flights after mine that will still fulfill my own itinerary.

Best wishes . . .
Mar 23, 2015
This shouldn't have been presented as a "fait accompli" to you. It should have been presented as "your flight has been rescheduled. If this is is acceptable, do nothing. If this is NOT acceptable..blah blah..." Did you just ... accept that you had no alternative? Did you call and attempt to schedule something more satisfactory? You can't accept it and then complain AFTER the fact that you were unhappy... IF they told you that you could decline the alternative offered.


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Where were you when you made the initial reservations, where were you when you were informed of the changes, and where is your travel agent?
What was your full itinerary as originally booked, including all the dates and airlines involved, and what was the itinerary that you were changed to (again including all the dates and airlines involved)? Were all of your flights on Air Maroc?

These facts will have a significant impact on advising you and what measures may be/might have been available to help you. Based on your original posting here there is not enough information to offer any good advice.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm sorry you got caught in such a huge schedule change. I don't understand why your travel agent didn't take care of this for you. That's who is responsible for your inconvenience and extra expenses. Unless you didn't like any of the alternatives to your original booking? My colleagues have outlined how you can go about asking for compensation, but I would contact the TA first and find out why they let you down.
Sep 11, 2019
I have been a long time lurker here, but this one is the one that made me register. Royal Air Maroc is the national airline of Morocco. That being said, even with the schedule change there are other ways to get out of Casablanca than by waiting 3 days for an airplane. Why didn't you look into ONCF or if you had to rent a car, driving to your ultimate destination? Yes it stinks that the carrier had a schedule change, and that it either came 3 days before your flight or sat in the TA's email box for 3 months. Sometimes you have to make lemonade when an airline hands you a lemon. Good Luck!