Air France Compensation

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May 29, 2018
It is impossible to deal personally with Air France. They do not respond to mail or calls.
In November 2017 (and I've been trying since then), we took a trip that included flights on Air Tahiti Nui. We opted out of those flights, as we had heard the planes were very uncomfortable, and our flight was 9 hours. Our package discount for not using those flights was a total of $300 for 2 people. Our choice.
We booked flights from LAX to PPT in Premium Economy on Air France. We paid $4,200, but we DO understand that was our decision. We also paid $231 for flight insurance.
A few days prior to returning to LAX, the Air France flight attendants made the decision to strike. Only in Tahiti. That virtually cancelled our AF flight. Although we appreciated the fact that Air France brought in a charter, it was an Air Tahiti Nui plane that we paid dearly to avoid. That plane did not offer the class of service we paid for and insured.
As compensation, we received travel vouchers on Air France in the amount of 150 Euro each, good for one year.
Unfortunately, those vouchers are of no compensation to us, as we are not planning any travel abroad any time soon, and the airline does not fly anywhere we may choose to go.
Although the compensation is very small compared to the cost and insurance, our request to Air France is to simply refund our credit card in the USD value of those vouchers to our credit card.
We do not think that is an unreasonable request - but nobody will respond to us.
Any help or ideas?


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
How annoying and disappointing. As you compose your letter to our Company Contacts, it's helpful to keep in mind the way that airline management thinks. An airline promises to transport you from Point A to Point B. That's it, no time frame is involved, they couldn't care less where you sit or how comfortable you are. Quickie strikes have currently been going on for weeks; management is undoubtedly scrambling to keep on top of it.

However, you planned and paid for a wonderful trip. The flight home was not what you signed on for. So you are asking for a gesture of good will, a positive customer service experience. Be polite, laud the good parts and ask them for the compensation you want. Good luck, and please let us know what transpires.