Air France: Charging Business Class for Economy Seats

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Barry Graham

Staff Member
Jan 7, 2015
This is true of most of the European carriers I have flown. Business class on short/medium haul flights is economy seats with the middle seat blocked.
That's my experience too. Calling it business class is using extreme poetic license in my opinion.
Likes: jsn55
Mar 15, 2018
One word: SeatGuru.

I never book a flight without checking

Everything else has already been said. You can't trust the flowery language on the airline websites. You CAN trust SeatGuru to tell you what you are really getting in each class of service on an airplane, and even each specific seat.

Not saying what Air France did is right...just saying that it's the reality of air travel these days, and using SeatGuru is a great tool to help us manage our expectations vs reality.