Air France (Air France-KLM Group) Mishandled Baggage due to Stike at CDG

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Aug 1, 2018
Air France (Air France-KLM Group)

We didn’t receive one of our checked luggage, and one was delayed on a connecting flight from CDG. Our initial flight was late leaving IAD due to weather at IAD.
We knew we were going to miss the connecting flight to FCO from CDG. We went to the AF customer service desk at CDG and booked another flight to FCO.
AF told use to book a flight 4 hours later so our bags would be able to make it versus a earlier flight. We agreed and waited for the next flight. While in line to board the next flight I got called up to the desk and asked if I could go to the tarmac to identify my bag. I agreed and waited for them to take me to the tarmac. After waiting around for 45 minutes they started to board the flight and told us our bags were on the flight. When we arrived in FCO none of our bags were there. We then went and waited in a long line to fill out a missing bag report. During the filing of the report we heard our bags may be on the next 2 flights. So we waited and one bag arrived. Our prearranged and paid for driver, through our travel package, for pickup and drop off at our hotel, informed us it would be another 60 euros for the wait time. We paid that. I updated the missing bag report and we left the airport with a copy of the report. The problem was Air France baggage handlers were on strike for several days before and after our travel date to arrive in Rome and Air France didn't mention that. We were not prepared for this problem. No info before we left, and only a very strange email after the strike was over from the baggage vendor. At the end of our trip in Rome. Impossible to get anyone to respond to and update or status on the missing bag! We did hear from one DELTA AF CSR that there was a strike at CDG and over 5000+ bags involved and maybe there was a equipment issue at CDG. Our travel dates were 7/17/18 to 7/25/18. From Dulles to Rome and back with Air France, and connecting each way in Paris. Contacting Air France was frustrating to say the least. No helpful info at all! Extremely, difficult and the worst communication for an airline business like that! We have details of all of our contacts, or trying to contact them for updates. Everyday for hours we tried to get the status on our missing bag situation with no avail. at the end of the trip, they still wanted to forward the bag to FCO even though we were leaving the next day. Really poor customer treatment and service, to none. Limited to no contact with the Air France app or email, plus numerous phone numbers to call, and phone calls we made waiting on hold to only be disconnected, They refused our phone number at the beginning of a person answering the call to call us back if disconnected. We think they hung up. An experience the next public should be aware of when traveling Air France. More than a missing bag. Customer communication is just not there. Many missing bags! They go on strike over major holidays, etc., and common. I did stop at the AF lost baggage desk at IAD and finally got a elite 800 number with a pin so I didn't have to wait hours to talk to a CSR. We also filed the baggage delay and baggage inventory on the AF web site. We filed a claim with our travel insurance, too. I last heard AF has my bag still in CDG and may get on a flight today to IAD, and everyday when I call everyday. . Unfortunately the updates are only made to my file. Let us know if you need more details,. Phone numbers we have used, and name contacts we have spoken to. We have the baggage vendor on strike email address, too. Claim numbers and flight numbers, etc., too.

What's your desired
Would like to know where my bag is and why it can't be sent back. Would like to know why the customer is not informed of strikes going on during the flight time. What
to do to prepare for that. What the communication route is if there are problems/questions. Missing bag expectations and claims. We filed a claim.
Heard nothing so far. Still call everyday. We are home now. Everyday they say your bag is on the flight coming in, may be here already, or coming on the next
flight to Dulles from Paris. Wonder how long that lie will go on. No status updates are very frustrating, and unacceptable!

What's the value of your
claim (in US $)?

Date of transaction/travel
: 07/17/2018 - 7/18/2018 IAD to CDG, CDG to FCO. 7/25/2018 FCO to CDG, CDG to IAD. Bags mishandled 7/18/2018 at CDG.
Sep 19, 2015
What a mess. This has been a very bad year for strikes in France. I travel to France annually and strikes are always a concern. But you have had a miserable time.

Who was the vendor on strike?

I thought Air France had agreed to hold off on strikes this summer after the CEO stepped down. It is the typical problem — shareholders demand higher returns, CEO says how well the AF/KLM group is doing and then offers a 1% raise to pilots and cabin crew—strikes and passengers suffer.

I had heard unconfirmed talk that there were problems with the conveyer belts in the baggage operation. Thi

Air France has always been strike prone but this year has been especially awful. And they are short staffed which makes it worse.

I think luggage is declared lost after 21 days.

You can write to customer service contacts and also keep at them through telephone and even Twitter.

Even you get no answer complain to regulators:[BI_82_20180731]-20180731-[
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
My wife has a friend that was also traveling through CDG during this time - there were more than 10,000 bags that were affected and she was also told it was due to the broken belt as well as the strike. She JUST received her bags delivered to her home last week .

I also suggest you use our contacts for Air France and start writing to the Executives.

You completed the online forms, correct?
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Apr 10, 2017
Rick, I can really empathize with your situation and you may still get your bag returned to you. 3 years ago my husband and I flew Air France and neither checked bag made it onto the flight. It took 3 days to get one of them and 2 1/2 weeks for the second one. We were on a riverboat cruise and we knew it was bad when the cruise director told us the baggage delivery for AF was a mess. There were no strikes, no flight delays of any kind, or anything else out of the ordinary. We depended on the cruise director (who was fabulous) to communicate with AF because we had no idea where the ship was going to be on any given day. It's a long story but suffice it to say it was a comedy of errors and I'd love to have the frequent flyer miles the second bag accumulated.
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Aug 1, 2018
I just received my bag today. I did fill out and submit online claims to both Air France and TravelGuard for expenses incurred during the trip which was the whole trip. It's been 17 days since I last saw my bag but I guess I am relatively lucky considering some of the other tales of baggage woes. I will follow up for the reimbursements and learn from this experience how to better be prepared for the joys of air travel these days. I hope my bag had a good time in Paris or where ever else it might have gone. Thanks for the support.
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Sep 19, 2015
Glad you got your bag back. Do follow up with reimbursements.

My bag once went to Guam without me; I was flying domestic. Hopefully your bag enjoyed its time awol.
Aug 16, 2018
Hello All....

I am sooo frustrated. Our bag has been missing for 12 days. Air France lost this very important piece of our luggage on a direct flight from Boston BOS to Paris CDG on August 4. We are now back home and still don't have it. We were a party of 6 travelers and once we realized there was a missing bag we also discovered that all of our bags were mis-tagged with other members of our party. SO my daughter's lost bag is tagged under my sister-in -law's name. I'm pretty sure it's sitting in the central baggage area at CDG with some 14-thousand other AWOL bags. We alerted the airport within 30 minutes....We filed a complaint with all the details to Air France Customer Service online but the AF Bag inventory Claim form online is not working properly. Since we live in California we were told to fax our inventory claim to Delta which handles all US West coast bags lost by AF. Can someone please share an executive email or some other contact for help. We really really want the bag back. HELP!!!!!!
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Use our Company Contacts and follow the advice outlined on how to make this work. SO annoying! But I've seen enough mis-labeled bags to double-check the tag that goes on the bag at the airport to verify that it's correct. Some agents are careful, others are lackadaisical, so the passenger has to watch it all carefully.
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Mar 23, 2015
Thank you! I will do that. It's been 12 days and I'm worried they'll stop looking after 21 days when they declare it lost. We must get it back. ;(
Good Luck! I hope you get it back; but for future reference, remember that anything you "must" have/get back, should be (within reason) packed in your carry on.