Air Canada flight Cancellation

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Jun 17, 2019
Hi, My flight from London Heathrow to Toronto got delayed by over 12 hours. I was advised by Air Canada staff present at the check in area that I can either get a hotel overnight or if I have a place to stay I can submit the taxi receipt for the trip to the city and back for reimbursement. In fact they gave me a pamphlet with the information pertain to such cases, with a mailing address. Over a month after I submitted the taxi receipts I contacted the complaint department and I was told that Air Canada has no such policy and without further clarification the stopped corresponding.
I was told that I could go through ADR to dispute the decision. I also received an email form Expedia (which I booked my tickets through) that an affiliated company called Air Help can pursue the claim on my behalf in return for a percentage of what they can get form Air Canada.
I was wondering if any one had a similar experience or is this a common practice? I would never take a taxi if I was not assured that they will reimburse. Also, the same pamphlet had information that seemingly I was entitled to additional compensation.
Appreciate any help or feedback on this matter.


Sep 19, 2015
You are owed EU 261 reimbursement and depending on the reason for the cancellation you may be due EU 261 compensation.

You do not need to engage a company such as air help at this stage -- they take part of the compensation.

You need to write to Air Canada and specify that this is EU 261 compensation request

Air Canada Customer RelationsAir Canada Center 3700 –Hangar 1018050 -22nd Street NECalgary, Alberta T2E 7H6 Canada For further information,pleasecontact Air Canada at:

or use this link:


If Air Canada does not respond you can protest with the Canadian and UK regulators.

But try the link above -- and Specify EU 261 reimbursement and compensation
Sep 20, 2015
In the form areas use the term complaint and delay/cancellation.
And cite specifically the EU261 sections you are requesting compensation (article 5, cancellation; article 9, right to care; if applicable, article 7, right to compensation). You may or may not be entitled to compensation depending upon the reason: if it was weather related, air traffic control related or some other item that was not avoidable, you may not get paid, but you do have the right to be reimbursed for hotels and meals. I'm guessing AC may try to weasel out of paying compensation, so you really have to press them for the reason of cancellation. Foreign airlines in particular hate EU261 (not that EU airlines like it--they hate it too!!) so it's not unusual for them to push back at first. Good luck.
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