Air Bnb Review Policy

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Jan 22, 2018
Air Bnb has a Review Policy I am finding conflicting and I would appreciate feedback if others see it the same way I do. They have a terms and condition page that states that a review must be truthful, factual and fair. In a separate page they lay out the content policy which states the review must represent the reviewers “experience”.How that can play out is you can have communication in the message thread between host and guest stating what factually happened yet if the review deviates from the message threads facts the case managers can claim that despite the stories not matching the review reflects the writers “experience”. Then you are told case closed. Can’t discuss any more. I would love to find others who can prove through their message thread that the review is not consistant with the message thread and approach the corporate office as a collective. .Any feedback or suggestions on how to handle this?
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Jan 5, 2015
Spring, Texas
Not sure what you are encountering. Are you the guest or the host?

The review is just that, the review. It needs to be accurate and can only be filed if the stay was completed. Any discussions in the message thread between the host and guest are not part of the review. The review is for all customers to see while the message thread is private. If the host promised something during the stay (and failed to deliver), that's fair to mention in the review and to Airbnb. But any comments/discussions after the stay should not make the review.
Oct 27, 2017
Regarding the review policy I just had a case manager supervisor quote me the Air Bnb Review Policy and she completely left out Terms of Service 10.2.
That may explain why my reviews are being analyzed solely by the content policy.