Air Asia- Horrific experience- Warning all customers

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Apr 8, 2018

My name is Tasha Carrillo and myself, husband and 3 year old son were traveling on Asia airline this March 24th weekend. On our way back from Bali to Kuala Lumpur- my husband and I were unfairly treated by AirAsia and charged an enormous amount of money. We were told we didn't purchase the add-on baggage but we explained to Management that we had it going and included in our round trip and something was wrong with your mobile site. We even showed them the issues we were having with your sites. They refused to help us and they explained we would have to pay an enormous amount of baggage fees at the airport. We then asked the manager and representive if we fly out a later flight- can we pre-purchase baggage going back- they explained yes. So we waited hours with the representative to get it changed. The representative explained if we take the 9:55pm flight we would still make our connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur but we'll need to pay for the baggage however we won't have to pay anything for the ticket. Then Management came out and told us that because we moved our flight we now have to pay for new tickets and our baggage costing us an additional $600. In addition, the same flight was delayed and we missed our China eastern flight in Kuala Lumpur and had to pay an additional $2000 for new tickets for my family. We are beyond upset at the treatment received by the Air Asia Airline and will further pursue this. We will also inform others not to fly Air Asia. The Air Asia manager and team were very unprofessional and didn't help us and put us into a bad situation. We paid more than $3000K as a result of Air Asia and now looking for reimbursement.

We have contacted the executive team who after 3 emails they finally sent someone to investigate. They have finally concluded there investigation this past Thursday and claim they will not be providing any reimbursement and not responsible.

Our response to them is below:

Thank you for responding with your investigation findings. Unfortunately, the baggage issue and new tickets at the Denpensar airport was a result of poor customer service and misinformation from your representative and manager. As previously indicated, your mobile and website doesn't work. We booked a round trip ticket from kuala lumpur to denpsar and included baggage. If you have record of us including baggage going- why wouldn't we include it coming back? Furthermore, we tried to explain this to the representative and manager. We arrived 3 hours before our time and asked if we could either purchase pre check online or if we could pay the fees we paid coming because this was obviously a mistake with your website. They said NO. What we didn't understand is why not? If we purchased a round trip ticket and included the baggage fees going and obviously this was an error on someone's part- why wouldn't you allow your customers to purchase the same amount baggage fees going back. Why increase the amount to over $450? So we asked Management this and he said it's our airport policy. What about Air Asia policy? So we then asked the representative if which we still had 4 hours before the next flight at 4:55- if we book a later flight is this an option? Can we move to a later flight? He explains Yes but we'll have to wait until the flight departs to book an pre baggage. We asked him will need to pay additional amount for the ticket he stated No.

We were at your customer counter for 3 hours and your customer service rep prolonged checking what he can do for 2 hours before cut-off time because he was booking us another flight on the 21:55pm flight. We were not told about the 48 hours policy when we asked the representative at 18:00pm about the change. Then same explanation wasn't given to us so not sure how you can state this. I have our uber ticket to the airport which shows the time we arrived to denpensar which was 16:30pm. We were at your counter the amount of hours I provided.

Also, you forgot to mention that your flight was delayed to Kuala Lumpur which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur. and an additional $2300. How come the representative or manager didn't inform us this flight was delayed. We weren't allowed to video because you have a sign on your counter that prohibits customers from videoing any of the encounters with your company which would've worked in our defense. I'm appalled that you don't see an issue with all of this and you have provided the findings you did and we will further pursue this against Air Asia. We have contacted on our behalf and now working with IATA. Your unfair treatment and policies cost of an enormous amount of money and to respond that you don't think you should offer any reimbursement just shows the type of customer service you provide to your customers. We would like to warn other customers to be aware.of Air Asia.

Thank you for your time

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We need to know what the response was from the Executives. What did they say after investigating? I knew before you said anything that they were going to charge you for new tickets when you changed your flight.

What didn’t you simply pay what they were asking for the baggage fees on your original return flight and fight with them when you got home?

You can pay for baggage going just one way. You usually have to purchase it both ways- 2 purchases.

What does the original confirmation show? Does the email you receiced show payment both ways? That should be all the proof you need to show you paid both ways.
Likes: jsn55
Apr 8, 2018
The executives didn't reply- they passed it to their team. Here's the response:

We understand how frustrated it is when you were unable to utilise your initial booking. Thus, we have immediately engaged an internal investigation with the relevant department upon receiving your feedback. Please allow us to share some clarity with you.

As per standard procedure, our ground staff will only be able to accept checked baggage if there is baggage allowance included in the booking. Should there is no baggage allowance included, we may still assist you to purchase at least four (4) hours before the departure time at a discounted rate. For any late checked baggage purchase, the fees for baggage will be charged as airport baggage fee but will be limited only to 15kg (Kilogram) checked baggage allowance per guest. Additional weight in excess will be subjected to the prevailing excess baggage fee on per kg basis.

We have checked the booking details and found that there is no baggage allowance movement/removal for Denpasar to Kuala Lumpur flight during and after the booking process. Furthermore, the total amount paid on 4 March 2018 does not include the baggage fees for your inbound flight.

This is our first time flying Air Asia (and last) and any airline that has a baggage policy like this. We've never experienced this before so we didn't know what to do at the time. We were completely shocked. We had round trip tickets and their mobile app or mobile website wasn't working when we booked our tickets. It was terrible. I selected pre-check both ways in our Round trip ticket but I didn't check the ticket to be sure it was included. This was definitely my mistake. My question to them was why would we not purchase baggage both ways on a round trip flight intentionally. Does this make sense? We should've paid the fees and fought when we got home but again they were around $484 USD which was a lot. We asked them- since your site is down- which we showed them that none of their sites work, can we just pay the same baggage fees as we paid going. They weren't budging. It's a scam what Air Asia is doing to their customers and they get away with it which is so sad.
Sep 19, 2015
One does have to add the baggage both ways, I just did a test booking; also there is the baggage info and seat info on the booking summary.

The mobile site is pretty slow and first gave me error messages.

Neil asked an important question, what did the confirmation say?

I saw that one can buy baggage up to 4 hours before departure for the online price What was the price at the airport?


Sep 19, 2015
WIth the mobile website being so slow I can see how problems could occur -- refreshing and losing the additional baggage -- but it has to be added each way.
Likes: Neil Maley
Feb 3, 2017
I can see why someone would be required to buy for both flights; one could be leaving items behind at the destination and may not have the same amount of luggage upon return flight.