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Jan 11, 2019
I'm writing to complain about a trip my husband and I took with Aeromexico on 1/1/19. I wanted to make a change to my flight to match my husband's (his trip was Quito-Mexico City-Guadalajara-Sacramento and mine was the same except final destination San Francisco). At the Quito airport, we were told that the change would need to be done in Mexico City. Upon arrival in Mexico City, we told the Aeromexico representatives we wanted to make a change and were informed that we would need to go to the check in desk. We told them our next flight time (1 hr) and asked if we had enough time and they confirmed that we did. We got our bags, and noted that people on our flight were still waiting for their bags, and quickly made our way to the airline check in desk. When we arrived at the check in desk, the Aeromexico representative told us our flight was closed but it was no problem, we could rearrange our flight at the sales office. When we got to the sales office, however, we were told our only option was to purchase new tickets totaling almost $1400. Had we known that "rearranging" our flights meant purchasing new ones, we would have demanded at the check in desk that they check in our luggage and we would have run to the gate and probably would have made the flight (since we knew people were still waiting for their luggage). Also, if we had been told that there wasn't enough time to change out flights, we never would have left baggage claim and missed our connecting flight in the first place. We were put on a later flight to Guadalajara, then the same flight my husband was originally on from Guadalajara to Sacramento, so my husband was re-booked on the exact same flight to Sacramento. Upon arrival in Sacramento, I received an email that my flight from Guadalajara to San Francisco had been cancelled, so I likely would have been re-booked onto this flight (which had many empty seats by the way).

When we arrived in Sacramento, we went to the Aeromexico desk to complain and were told to call 1 (800) 237-6639 to file a complaint. We were also told that Aeromexico representatives in Mexico City have a reputation for giving bad service. I called the number the next morning, and after being on hold for over 30 minutes, was told Aeromexico does not have a customer service phone number and that I would have to send an email to file my complaint. I sent an email asking for a full refund and received a response a week later denying my request.

We were put in a situation where we were forced to buy new tickets, paying more than the cost of our original tickets. If we had been advised that we wouldn't have enough time, we would not have tried to change our flights. If we had been told that "rearranging" our flights really meant buying new ones, we would have run to our gate to avoid missing our connecting flight. "Bad service" in Mexico is not an excuse. I've filed a dispute with our credit card company and am prepared to take this further as I am not satisfied with how this has been handled by Aeromexico. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions for how I can pursue this further are much appreciated.

Thank you!