Hilton Web Contract and Email Contract Don't Match

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Mar 22, 2017
I travel 2-3 days a week for business. When you book an online reservation at Hilton, it gives you Cancellation Information - which is often very important to know - but I am concerned they are deliberately vague. The online cancellation information says "Cancel 2 days in advance" or "Cancel 48 hours in advance." After you make the reservation you will eventually get a confirmation email, sometimes delayed or sometimes going to spam. The confirmation email says, way at the bottom, 6-8 screens down, "Cancel 48 hours in advance by 4 pm." Obviously, the website and the email should say the same thing. If the rule is 48 hours AND 4 pm, then just say that on the webpage during the reservation, don't hide the secret-secret cancellation time til later when it is unlikely to be seen. I got caught calling after 4 pm (a time I hadn't been told about) and was told that people complain about this all the time. That really annoyed me. It suggests the hidden information and ambiguous information is, really, deliberate.


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Nov 21, 2014
I am a Hilton Honors member and try to stay at a Hilton Brand whenever practical. I am trying to under stand exactly what your issue is?

I have a smart phone and on it I have the Hilton "App" and between the Hilton Reservation and the Hilton App on my smart phone there is no way for me to not know about my reservation and when it is..... in fact from the time I book the reservation they actually make a nuisance of themselves reminding about this booking!
The terms (in my opinion) are extremely clear and I'm having difficulty understanding your issue.
Do you have your Hilton account set up, do you have the proper contact info entered? Are you using the online resources?

John Galbraith

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Managing Director
Jan 22, 2017
I am a Hilton Honors member and try to stay at a Hilton Brand whenever practical. I am trying to under stand exactly what your issue is?

Hi JV,

I am guessing but i think the issue is that for example in the UK it says "24 hours prior to arrival to avoid cancellation penalties." Bruce means he does not know exactly what time they are going by for the arrival time. Some hotels make it very clear when booking that it is by say 24 hours before check in time at 2pm.

Bruce - I agree they could make it clearer but that being said a lot of hotels put the exact time on the confirmation - which you said that Hilton do. Also even if it did not say i would not assume it was beyond the normal check in time otherwise i could say i was going to arrive at 11pm and only cancel then.

If you think it is ambiguous have you thought about writing to them and seeing what they say?
Jan 11, 2017
You are right, it would be nice if they put the exact hour next to the 24-48 hours prior to arrival" when you make the reservation - as other hotel chains do.

I have just checked my last Hilton e-mail confirmation both on screen, and the printed version. It is very visible for me, because I use desktop or laptop computer, and print the reservation e-mail on A/4 size paper.
For people using portable devices this info could hide on the 6-8 screens down.

I agree with Honest: write to Hilton, recommend them to change the reservation screen as well as to redesign the mobile screen, so the basic, most info are more visible.