3rd party liability green card for driving thru Europe impossible to obtain for US registered car

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Jan 5, 2015
I’m not sure it’s any of our business if he is planning on selling the car. We just need to help answer his question- he’s given us all the info we need.
It might have bearing on the import fees, titling, registration etc, all of which have bearing on the insurance.

OP, have you tried renting a used car, maybe? When I was stationed in Germany I did that for a month or so. If it’s available it might be cheaper.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Just throwing this out ... everybody knows about the "buy a car in Sweden and have a free vacation" plan. How do those car dealers deal with the official stuff for the time their customer is running around in their new car? It might be worth researching for a clue.

If you're a permanent res of Bulgaria, what would it cost to register and insure the car in Bulgaria? Or is that not possible? What if you sold the car to your neighbor and borrowed it after s/he got it registered and insured?

I'm sure my suggestions are ridiculous, but I'm just trying to jump-start your mind so as to come at the issue from a different angle. What an interesting situation this is.
Sep 12, 2015
Vignettes for countries that require them must be purchased at the border crossings or nearby gas stations. Also, be aware that many areas/cities in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, and perhaps other countries require an anti-pollution sticker in order to enter designated "green zones". Become aware of the signage indicating the need for those stickers or you may face a fine if you enter an area without the correct sticker. It is all a bit overwhelming and confusing. Google to become familiar with these issues.