Spirit Canceled flight wont compensate

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May 11, 2016

my problem is the following

booked a flight from Seattle to Las Vegas, round trip with Spirit, other than having to pay for a bunch of things (that are usually for free on other airlines) the first flight was fine, on the way back I was getting ready to print my boarding pass (they would charge me to print it at the airport) and at this point there is this big banner of, "your flight has been canceled" so I am in the middle of Vegas already checked out of the hotel, and with no way to go back home, so I called the airline and explained the situation, this was past Sunday 05/08, and they say o sorry about that, but no problem we can put you back on a plane that goes out on Tuesday, natural I flipped because I was suppose to get back to work on Monday, so they said that the only thing to be done was to get a refund of the cost of the flight, which was the option I took (still haven't got a single penny of that refund), then I had to find the best suitable option, which was Alaska for approx 380 times 2 because it was me and my wife. then I got an email from spirit, saying that I was going to get a 50 dollars voucher as compensation to fly with them again, naturally this is unacceptable as they have to get some kind of responsibility for their mistake, but I haven't been able to get much out of them

any help you can provide will be greatly apreciated
Aug 31, 2015
Don't turn around . . . .
You 'signed' a contract which clearly states your options are:
a) take the revised flight or
b) Take a refund.

That's the choice when booking Spirit.

Enjoy your discount.

Others may tell you to contact Spirit etc etc etc - but Spirit does not respond most times- and what I said above is exactly how the CEO feels about you - not you personally - but you in the collective passenger sense.

Spirit is not responsible according to them - and unless you want to raise a litigation stink which will cost much more than $380. End of Story.
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Aug 31, 2015
Don't turn around . . . .
isnt any airline supposed to put you on another flight the same day if they cancel for a non weather related issue?

They are not required to invent a flight that does not exist on their airline.

And NO airline is required to interline you, which means put you on someone elses airline if they do not have an agreement with them. Spirit does not have an agreement with any airline. You are confusing bumping with cancellations. And Spirit bumps people all the time - and only pays the minimum compensation they are required to pay - and since their fares are so low . . . . .its not much.

Enjoy your discount. [Lesson learned, huh?]
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Neil Maley

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Dec 27, 2014
New York
isnt any airline supposed to put you on another flight the same day if they cancel for a non weather related issue?
The airline is supposed to put you on the next AVAILABLE flight they have, which happened to be Tuesday.

If that isnt acceptable for you , then they refund you. Have you checked the credit card statement to see if the credit was automatically applied?

Unfortunately with Spirit, they don't have very many flights and the next flight with seats happened to be a few days away.

No other airlines will do business with Spirit so there is no option to put you on another airline at their cost unfortunately.

If you have checked your statement and there has been no credit, on top of our pages there is a tab that says "company contacts". Go to the airline tab and find the email address to Spirits customer service and send them an email with your ticket reservation number and cancellation date and tell them you never received the credit.

Give them a week to get it fixed, if they dont, write to the first executive shown. Give him/her a week to fix it, if they don't, write to next. Repeat weekly if necessary until you get your refund.

Let us know how you make out.


isnt any airline supposed to put you on another flight the same day if they cancel for a non weather related issue?


You are probably remembering the old FAA rule 240, which went away with deregulation. Some airlines did carry the rule over in some fashion in their Contract of Carriage. Spirit has no such rule, and as Joe stated, they have no agreements with other airlines to do this.

You can try and write Spirit asking for compensation, but based on other posts to this forum, Spirit doesn't give anything more than a $50 voucher.
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Aug 31, 2015
Don't turn around . . . .
If your refund does not post to your credit card, if you used one, then you need to immediately, meaning after 10 calendar days after May 8, contact your bank and initiate a charge back of the entire about charged for that segment with taxes.

If you used an e-check, which I know Spirit encourages with the fees - then you need to contact your bank - but thats a lot more involved process.
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
My colleagues have given you all the facts and good advice, Diego. I am so sorry that you had to learn this lesson the hard way: a discount airline has no customer service. You are always taking a risk booking the cheapest fare available. When there's a cancelled flight, a discount airline has no resources to help their passengers. This is by choice; they know that people like cheap fares, so that's what they offer. Nothing else: they have no agreements with other airlines, they have no other flights to accommodate you. That's why they offer the cheapest fares.
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Mar 4, 2015
@Diego Ramirez , they absolutely owe you an Involuntary Refund per rule 10.2.2 of their contract.

10.2 Involuntary
In the event that Spirit is unable to provide a previously confirmed seat and is unable to reroute the customer via Spirit, Spirit will refund as indicated below:
10.2.1. If no portion of the reservation has been used, the refund will be equal to the fare paid by the customer.
10.2.2. If a portion of the reservation has been used, the refund will be equal to the amount of the unused portion.

10.2.3. Customers involved in a Spirit Airlines cancellation or delay in excess of two (2) hours will have three (3) options available to them: 1) re-accommodation, 2) a credit for future travel, or 3) a refund.
10.2.4. Refunds will only be issued to the form of payment used to complete the
original purchase.


Hopefully you recall the cost of your flights each way and Spirit refunds the correct amount. We had another case where Spirit provided the customer a surprisingly small one-way refund (and conveniently they don't show the fare breakdown on passenger confirmations).

Note that they must refund you promptly, as they disclose in their Customer Service Plan pursuant to DOT rules in conjunction with Regulation Z:

5. Provide Prompt Ticket Refunds

For customers due a refund, who purchased their reservations (including any charges associated with the fare) with a credit card, Spirit will process the credit within seven (7) business days. Due to various billing cycles, a credit card statement may not reflect a refund immediately.

For customers due a refund, who purchased their reservation (including any charges associated with the fare) with cash, Spirit will issue a refund check within 20 business days of Spirit receiving your refund request.
If you don't get a refund in the promised timeframe, then a complaint to the US Department of Transportation is warranted, even if you eventually receive a refund or successfully chargeback the amount through your credit card.


We've seen other cases where Spirit was late with refunds. The only way to hold them accountable is if enough passengers complain and the DOT observes a pattern that warrants enforcement action.
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