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  1. A

    Left Property on Day 1 Due to no water/electricity

    Hi all, I’m so glad to have found this forum as I’m at my wit’s end. I rented a property via VRBO/HomeAway for 16 days on a popular vacation island. I was in contact with the owners leading up to the rental and was very clear that I was a single traveler and I was also clear about what I was...
  2. P

    Vrbo Caught Lying And Penalizing Owner

    I called to cancel this guest because he did not sign the contract. I spoke with Dan in customer service. I confirmed with Dan that I would not be penalized. I was not penalized until two hours later when Jillian in the customer resolution dept then sent me an email telling me I will be...
  3. H

    VRBO - Disputing owner's damage claim

    Hi, Just wanted to get the general opinion of the situation I am facing. Let me summarize what we had recently gone through via VRBO. (1) Booked rental in NH (2) On the day of our travel to the rental I had sent an email to the owner asking if grill was available, for which she had mentioned...
  4. G

    VRBO / Homeaway – Not Doing Enough to Protect Customers from Scams

    I’ve read some of the other posts on this site regarding rental property customers who lost money as the result of a phishing scam whereby the property owner’s account was hacked. I was also a victim of this crime, but I took additional measures to raise my concerns to Homeaway/VRBO during the...
  5. C

    VRBO reservation refund

    Anyone else have trouble getting responses from owners listed on VRBO? I'm trying to cancel a reservation according to the guidelines established by the homeowner of the property I had reserved. I have called and texted the phone number listed for the property and have gotten no response. In...
  6. G

    VRBO theft reimbursement

    What recourse do I have for a claim for theft of $1,800 (including identity theft of ID and credit cards, jewelry and laptop) of goods while renting a VRBO? The property was managed by SenStay, and vacation insurance through VRBO was not purchased. A thief entered an unlocked back door on first...
  7. J

    A thief/guest booked through VRBO

    I always hear/read a traveller's side, but this one is from the owner's side. I want to share with you what happened with our property listed on VRBO (listing 839861): We always have a passion for decorating/renovating. So this house was renovated and practically has new (almost) everything in...
  8. J

    Flatbook and NTS Corporate Housing Rescind Chicago Apartment Availability Without Warning

    I rented (thru the Flatbook site) a property NTS is now offering thru Homeway (#816809) only to find that, after sending the rental amount in full, and purchasing non-refundable airline tickets, that my reservation was voided, leaving us with no place to stay in Chicago. A senior executive of...