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  1. T

    Closed-loop travel - how not to become an "Illegal Immigrant"

    There likely is no recourse or compensation for us, but am posting for other unsuspecting travelers. We travel 100% of the time and always make sure our passports, visas and travel insurance cover every likely instance. We have a 1-year Visa for visiting Australia. Our visa requires that we...
  2. Pedro_R

    Credit Cards - How I put a freeze on all my credit cards (Visa, Amex, MC)

    Just wanted to share this, in case someone else is in my situation. I wanted to control the use of my credit cards, or more precisely, get rid of a bunch of automatic monthly charges that I have of them. You know, cloud storage for my iPhone, Google Drive Space, name it. I had so...
  3. M

    Government declares halt to visas. No visa, no entry, no reimbursement

    I bought a ticket for our son to fly to Turkey to visit family on Oct 6, 2017. I used Expedia and booked him to fly American Airlines/British Airways. I purchased the travel insurance plan. I was told that to get an e-visa, you can get it up to 2 weeks before departure date which was Dec 16th...
  4. G


    Going online to research Vietnam and Cambodian visas. Using a company like VisaCentral adds $300 to the cost of the two visas, bringing the total cost to over $500. I can get an evisa for Vietnam for $24 plus a $50 stamping fee at the airport. I was wondering if anyone had gotten an e-visa...
  5. S

    Bahamas cruise - Visa requirements

    Hello, I have a question regarding Bahamas visa requirements. I am planning to undertake a 3 night closed loop cruise from Port Canaveral, US which includes ports of call at Nassau and Castaway Cay and returns back to Port Canaveral, US. We will be on each of the islands during the day only...
  6. P

    Visa required or not?

    Hello All I am planning to take my parents on a family vacation to Bermuda in July via Royal Caribbean Cruises. My parents are Nepali passport holders but have a multiple entry US visa. The cruise's visa department said that they will need a Bermuda visa. We applied for Bermuda visa. We got an...
  7. W

    Time Limit for Damage Claims?

    I rented a car from Budget at ABQ back in July 2016. While I was driving on the highway, a plastic bin flew off a pickup truck in front of me and struck the front bumper of my rental vehicle. The bin shattered on impact, and I continued driving. The pickup was far away at this point and I was...
  8. drryanjames

    Bolivian Visa

    We are hoping you can offer some assistance. We are two US American citizens who need Bolivian Visas, but we live in Budapest, Hungary. There is no Bolivian Embassy in Hungary, so we reached out to the Bolivian Embassy in Austria back in July 2016. We received an e-mail response from Elizabeth...
  9. M

    VISA Gift Card Missing Funds

    Hello all, Long time reader and first time poster here. I am hoping you can offer me some assistance with retrieving a balance for a Visa gift card I was given. I was given this card several months ago when I was in the process of moving. Being stupid, I tossed it in a bag and just relocated...
  10. AAGK

    Credit card disputes

    There are a few nuances of this process that even savy consumers do not understand. I like this article bc it clarifies some of the murkier aspects.
  11. AAGK

    Passport Power Rankings- very helpful

    Today's Chinese passport case on the blog and the Indian passport case here on the forum led me to discover the passport power rankings. Passports are ranked in terms of how many countries its nationals may travel to visa free. There are a few different indexes, but for ex., if you are from...