viking billing services

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  1. G

    False damage claim from Budget/Viking Billing services

    Familiar story around here but I received a call from somebody claiming to be Viking billing services last week. They told me they were collecting damage fee on behalf of budget in excess of $900. I asked her for some details on the damage and she said something about a gas cap o-ring being...
  2. J

    Budget Viking issue (car accident, not at fault)

    Hello everyone, Glad I found this forum! I'll to keep this brief. In early March 2019, I rented a car from Budget. All was well until I got rear ended. Cop was called. Police report indicated that I was not at fault. I called my insurance and other side's insurance. After much back and forth...
  3. D

    Avis and Viking Billing

    I know, sounds like a broken record, but this is slightly different than what I could find in other posts. During my rental period, weather was not friendly, and I received some hail damage to the rental. I honestly didn't see anything, but when I returned the car, the lot attendant found 3...
  4. G

    Uncle Hit Rental Car in Driveway

    Hello, I rented a Kia Soul in Florida from Avis. The vehicle was parked in my (wife's) uncle's driveway when her uncle had backed up into the bumper. The bumper crumpled and his insurance company had covered the cost of repairs ($682.44). However, they did not cover the fees from Avis... Now...
  5. J

    Received bill from Viking Billing Service, but person at fault had already taken full responsibility

    Elliott folks, I'm looking for some advice (but not legal advice) on how this should be handled. I just received the same type of letter others have received from Viking Billing Services for Budget Rent a Car. The line that has me confused is "Per your rental contract, you are responsible for...
  6. S

    Budget Loss of Use Fee question

    My credit card will only pay a small amount of the loss of use fee that they feel is reasonable. They are waiting on a release letter from Viking before they will pay the deductible and small loss of use fee. Now I will have to pay the balance because my insurance company doesn't pay that...
  7. B

    Damage Claim Dismissed - Thank you for this Forum!

    I am a new member but have been reading this forum for quite a while. I received last week a bill from Viking Billing Services for an Avis rental I had way back in May! It was the generic letter everyone else received with just the rental agreement number and the amount of $516.86 for damage...