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  1. A

    Venmo Venom!

    Hi I am a 35yr old male that is having issues with Venmo releasing my funds. They were sent to me from a friend who purchased my motorcycle. I allowed the preferred time frame for the money to be transferred and clear. Which it did. After that I was asked to provide documents that I was the...
  2. R

    Venmo holding MY money for 180 days

    I transferred my Paycheck from Chime to Venmo because I didn’t receive a debit card yet and that’s the way THEY recommended to do to take out my money and get cash. Actually its their only way. Anyways I transferred it to Venmo and it won’t let me instant transfer it to my bank or debit cards or...
  3. C

    frozen Venmo account

    Hello, my Venmo account for some reason is frozen all of a sudden after a family member sent me $150, I’ve contacted my bank and they said I had to verify the phone number and get a code, which I did, and my account still says frozen. I attempted to contact Venmo 4 times and was left on hold...
  4. F


    My venmo got frozen on Monday they asked for a copy of my DL. I sent it in Monday night, today I got an email my account was permanently disabled due to "high-risk activity" I changed my cards around last week and my first name is on my cards but my middle name is on my venmo. I really need to...
  5. T

    Venmo froze my account

    On February 25 my boyfriend put money into my Venmo account, the same time it was loaded into my account, it got froze. I have emailed numerous times and have gotten nothing back. Period. I verified who I was by emailing a picture of my ID and still nothing. I have over $1500 sitting in my...
  6. Y

    Plz help with my Venmo account

    Hi I was laid through my Venmo account and I processed a withdrawal after that my account was frozen and my withdrawal says being returned to balance and it wasn’t and I need help sorting this all out since I’ve been paid and withdrew before with no issues also I already emailed my I’d to Venmo...
  7. Z

    Venmo Account Disabled without Explanation

    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help out, because I've hit an impasse with Venmo. Let me explain what's go on below: I am tech geek with geeky friends too. With every launch of the new iPhone, I always buy a new phone for myself on launch day. I usually line up with some of my friends, and...