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  1. C

    Uber customer service incompetent

    Hello my name is Clinton Tolbert I am a Uber driver. Since 4:00 a.m. this morning I have been on the phone numerous times to incompetent untrained unprofessional alleged customer service reps. I only wanted to change my login email and update my debit card instant pay. After calling about five...
  2. kbucky

    Uber failed to return phone, wallet -- then "donated" them

    In March, a couple of weeks before lockdown began in earnest, I was in Chicago taking an Uber to the airport. It was 5am and I accidentally left my brand new iPhone ($900 value) with wallet attached (containing ID, credit cards, and cash in the back seat. (This ID did have my address on it.)...
  3. D

    Uber=Unreliable Transportation and The Worst Customer Service

    I used the "schedule a ride" feature in Uber to schedule a ride to the Phoenix airport. I made this reservation in the app on 6/30/2020 for a ride at 4:15am on 7/2/2020. I received a reservation confirmation saying my ride was scheduled for 4:15-4:25am. The morning of 7/2, I opened the app...
  4. S

    Uber disabled

    Dear All, I am reaching out for assistance after my Uber account was banned/disabled today. I’ve been a rider since 2015. Recently moved to New York from Houston and my riding experience has been drastically different unsurprisingly. I’ve kept a log of Uber rides I deemed unprofessional due to...
  5. E

    UBER Discrimation and Corruption in Zurich, Switzerland Greenhub

    My Uber Driver account was deactivated a month ago, and I have been trying to learn the reason of deactivation last couple of weeks and resolve any issues in my account if I could. However, despite all of my efforts to communicate with Uber staff at Greenlight Hub center in Zurich, not only I...
  6. AAGK

    Important tip for Uber users

    Uber has an extensive tiered menu that forwards you back to where you began, without allowing human contact. Any frequent Uber user will often have an issue from a fare review request, simple, to this new glitch Involving payment methods. I will explain it if anyone expresses interest. The...
  7. AAGK

    Blade helicopter NYC to the Hamptons

    I just took this for the first time and I don't think I can get in a car ever again. It was such a treat. It took about 30 min- drive would be nearly 3 hours. The crazy part is it cost less than uber a few weeks ago, and that took 3.5 hours.
  8. AAGK

    Charging phone in uber and my entire phone starts playing

    I take uber all the time and know there are partnerships with Spotify, etc. I must be super out of date bc just got in and he offers me the phone charger. I notice random music playing and comment that I had just had that artist on at home and then he tells me he charger is playing my music...
  9. H

    Uber Account Locked

    My Uber account has been locked (payments not being allowed to process). I am not sure why, as I have been a good Uber customer, never had any issues with payments, nor have I ever rated drivers poorly (a way some users get flagged). I have followed the poor instructions on their app and...