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  1. J

    Trying to get a refund from Travelocity

    I booked a trip to Puerto Rico through travelocity for April of 2020. Obviously that did not happen and I have spent hours on hold with travelocity to try and get a refund. They first said we would only get a hotel credit for our hotel portion and that had to be booked by December, 2020. We...
  2. N

    Does my Refund from Travelocity Depend on their Refund from El Al?

    Who, if anyone, is ultimately responsible for my refund? Last November I bought tickets through Travelocity for flights in April to Tel Aviv on El Al. On April 1st, El Al canceled the flight and soon after declared bankruptcy. I went through all the proper channels and forms trying to get my...
  3. D

    Travelocity is holding my travel vouchers

    I purchased airline tickets for six flights to and within Europe through Travelocity for our trip this May . All of those flights have now been cancelled and I have been issued vouchers for future travel. Going forward, I do not want to have to deal with a company who only communicates with me...
  4. M


    We scheduled one way flights through Travelocity for our four family members as we move to Texas from Washington. After COVID hit, and with flexible work schedules, we were able to bump up our move from June 13 to May 30. Our plans changed because we were going to Tahoe for a mini vacation...
  5. M

    Travelocity - receiving travel credit, prefer refund

    Late last year I bought tickets on Travelocity since they itinerary involved routes where I needed to use different airlines - it was just easier to have everything on one itinerary. The itinerary is for myself and my wife, ORD-LHR-AGP-MAD-ORD, in Business Class, costing $7,435.10 for both...
  6. M

    Seeking a refund from Travelocity

    I purchased 2 round trip tickets from the United States to the Philippines through Travelocity, but had to cancel the return flight because my girlfriend had to return to work earlier than expected. I ended up having to purchase 2 one-way return tickets from Expedia, because it cost less than...
  7. K

    British Airways/American/ Travelocity trouble

    We bought 4 tickets to travel from Albuquerque, NM to the UK back in March of 2018 from Travelocity. I paid for these tickets in full at that time. May 25th we were due to leave on our 7 week trip to the UK. We arrived at the airport after car trouble an hour before our flight was due to take...
  8. J

    Help! Travelocity and Tame airlines

    Hello there.. someone please help me! So here is the situation .. I booked a flight to the Galápagos Islands for my vaca in Ecuador. My flight was leaving from Quito and arriving in San cristobal on Nov 3 and then departing on Nov 7th. I received an email two weeks ago that said there had been...
  9. M

    TAP Portugal Cancelled return flight without replacement

    Hi! I am a college student studying abroad in France next semester and I leave on September 1. I booked a round trip flight through Travelocity on TAP Portugal in March and was then notified from Travelocity in June that TAP cancelled my flight home and that there isn't a replacement flight. I...
  10. M


    Christopher Elliott Travel Trouble Shooter Through Travelocity, I reserved flights and hotel for my husband and I, departing on March 5th, returning March 9th, I bought the travel insurance offered by Travelocity. Because of an unforeseeable emergency, we had the cancel the trip. I thought...
  11. G

    Air Asia Baggage and Reserved Seat Fees

    On or about 30 July 2016, I booked on behalf of myself and my travel partner a vacation package from Bangkok, Thailand, to Kuching, Malaysia using Travelocity. My travel voucher from Travelocity clearly indicated round trip air travel from Bangkok to Kuching on Air Asia Berhad. I also received a...
  12. G

    Travelocity Misinformation=Useless Ticket

    Below is the substance of an email that I sent to expedia (owner of travelocity) and to which I have received no response. On March 27 I booked Itinerary Number ***** for airline travel from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Cleveland, OH in the USA. The dates of travel were to be Monday, May 9, and...
  13. J

    Can you use an airline credit as part of a vacation package

    I know this is a bit long, but I wanted to provide relevant details... My wife and I booked a vacation package using travelocity from Cleveland, OH to Playa del Carmen, Mexico last April in order to celebrate our10th anniversary. We booked the airfare (United), the hotel (The Royal Playa del...
  14. S


    Hi, I booked a ticket on CHina Eastern Airlines through Travelocity in July. The airlines recently rescheduled the flight so that there is insufficient connection time between subsequent flights. My flight from Shanghai leaves 2 hours earlier than when my flight lands in Shanghai! I tried...