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  1. M

    Flight was canceled but Capital One will not give refund

    In May 2020 I purchased return air ticket from Washington, DC to Belgrade, Serbia. Because of corona pandemic, Air France canceled flight but merchant ( refused to issue full credit. I disputed charges with Capital One and my account was credited for $2,280. After about 3 weeks...
  2. Msdodd

    Travel refund

    My seventeen-year-old daughter has extreme depression and anxiety. Her condition became so severe that she was actually committed for about a week. We had hoped that a trip to a very elite college program would be good for her. However her psychiatrist and Doctor have concluded it would actually...
  3. K

    Travel Services International vacation membership scam

    My wife and I attended a presentation at Travel Services International in Charleston, SC for a vacation club membership. We were promised 40-80% savings compared to typical travel websites and were also told that they had an A+ BBB rating. To get these rates, we paid $6593. When we were able...
  4. E

    Lufthansa changes policy without notice

    In August of last year, I booked a trip on Lufthansa from San Francisco-Frankfurt for May of 2017. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, and I had been saving for a long time to make a trip to Germany in which I would visit the villages of my ancestors and attend a reunion for my mother's...
  5. L

    Should a passenger have to call their own travel advisory to gain the attention of AA?

    My 23 y.o. daughter, Susie (name changed for privacy) & her 17 y.o. cousin, Martha (name changed for privacy) purposely missed a leg of their flight from Paris to London on Saturday June 16th, 2017 as they were trying to avoid at least 1 area with a very heightened terrorism threat. My 23 y.o...
  6. J

    I need advice

    Hey guys. I am planning to visit Lithuania, however, I have no idea what should I see there. Maybe you have some good advices? I heard that Vilnius is pretty amazing, but I really want to see Klaipeda. Maybe you tried travelling with this offer
  7. L

    Budget... its been over a year and no refund...

    Budget Case: 16012098 Reservation: 19768196US0 Rental Agreement: 656942565 October of 2015 I prepaid for a Budget Rental car in Fort Lauderdale, FL, using my checking account for $237. On December 11, 2015, I picked up the car in Ft Lauderdale, FL (airport), was offered and declined...
  8. S

    Long lines at SEA TAC is TSA to blame ??

    A security agent at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of voyeurism after being caught using his phone to take photos and video up a female passenger’s skirt. The suspect's name has not been released but according to the Seattle Times,the agent is a...
  9. C


    Is Tripmaster safe? Never have heard of them but seem to have great deals. Have used Expedia and know they own almost all the other travel sites. Not always good service with them. That's the reason for checking this new site
  10. K

    American Airlines screwing me over. I have pictures to prove.

    Hi all, So I'm in a bit of a pickle, I'm currently in the process to get a refund for a flight I had on 04/02/2016 through 04/04/2016 with American Airlines. I emailed Chris Elliot directly and he made a suggestion that I post something on this forum so I'm giving it a try. To summarize what...
  11. A

    Apple Vacations / XTRA Airways DISASTER!!

    We recently traveled out of the country to Cancun, Mexico from Pittsburgh,PA for a week. On our return flight home we had absolutely nothing but problems and headaches. We were to depart Cancun airport on11/9/15 at 10:30 AM. We never ended up getting back into Pittsburgh until roughly 8 P.M...