travel insurance

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  1. B

    Requesting a Credit or Refund from Princess due to Norovirus

    Hello everyone! I was hoping we can gain some insight on how to handle a situation with Princess Cruises (owned by Carnival). I'm posting on behalf of my parents, who were taking our whole family on a cruise to celebrate my dad's retirement and their 43rd wedding anniversary. Less than 48 hours...
  2. Catalyst

    RoamRight Fraud?

    I bought a travel insurance policy with Roamright underwritten by Arch Insurance. My bag was stolen and submitted my Amazon receipts to prove ownership of my lost possessions. My claim was denied and Arch said they contacted Amazon who told them I had returned these items. This is false. I also...
  3. T

    Travel Insurance policies

    Has anyone had exceptionally good or bad experiences with their travel insurance companies? I've been covered by World Nomads for the past 3 years, but my current policy is up this month and I need to decide whether to stay with them or find a new company. About 6 months ago I filed a claim...
  4. L

    Sandals Resorts and Zika

    In January 2016 while at a Sandals resort in the Bahamas, my husband and I booked another Sandals vacation in Barbados for January 2017. This was prior to the Zika epidemic affecting women of childbearing of age who are planning a pregnancy. As we were planning on starting a family soon, in July...
  5. K

    A gap in my World Nomads coverage

    My husband and I have been traveling since January 2016, and have been covered for the last 14 months by World Nomads (underwritten by Nationwide) travel insurance... I thought. My initial insurance plan was for 8 months, and toward the end of that time, I extended the policy. The second...
  6. Allen Feiglin

    Never Claimable Insurance Policy Scam?

    On a recent trip to Australia disaster came in threes. The smallest was my new suitcase getting ripped, that I may yet be able to claim. The second was an issue with Avis Car Rental that just got resolved after 4 months with the help of this forum, and the third is ongoing. Before I left the US...
  7. M

    Expedia Travel Insurance...Aon...Yuck.

    Our son, a 2LT Army Ranger, wanted to surprise his brother who teaches and coaches high school football in WI, by attending one of his Friday Night Football games. He was also going to spring his arrival on his mom, a recently retired teacher. Craig is currently stationed at Fort Polk, Army...
  8. C

    Want to buy travel insurance and it's after 14 days

    Hi, I finally booked the last part of my trip to England and Scotland and was ready to purchase travel insurance only to realize that I should have purchased it soon after booking my flight at the end of July. I was thinking I needed to buy it once I had an approximate total for my trip. What...
  9. P

    Travel Insurance Refund for Cancelled Flight

    I have a question about travel insurance and hope you may be able to provide me with an answer or advice. Some background: On April 23, 2016, I booked a flight through Travelocity with American Airlines from Tucson, AZ to Chicago with a departure date of July 22, 2016. My departure time from...
  10. A

    Travel insurance

    My wife and I will be going to French Polynesia Sept 14 through 28 visiting a number of the islands. We also booked a one week sail trip on a crewed catamaran (meals provided). Hotels, sail trip and inter island airfares were booked through a travel agency. Exception is the air fare from Miami...
  11. Neil Maley

    A true travel insurance claim

    I am currently at a travel agent conference in Mexico and would like to share a story of what travel insurance does for you. One of the agents went into the historic district of San Jose Cabo. As she was walking down the street, a store vendor called her and when she turned to see what he...
  12. S

    Unjust Enrichment for Travel Companies

    Last Summer was invited to join a group traveling Costa Rica. I was the 17th person in a 16 person max group. Being a first time overseas traveler I was not familiar with how travelers insurance worked. I was told that it would pay your costs to get home if you were to get ill. Having good...
  13. drryanjames

    Senior ExPats & Travel Insurance

    We are a couple of US Americans who have been living in Hungary for the last 14 years. We will be leaving for a four and half month vacation at the end of October. We would like to get some comprehensive travel insurance as we have a multitude of flights in our itinerary. I have searched far...