travel agencies

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  1. antsusie

    Where have all the travel agents gone?

    Mine disappeared during COVID. A friend referred me to a long-standing local agency with an excellent reputation -- but the agency wants $250 up front to book trains and hotels in Europe. Is that the new norm?
  2. B

    Ovago travel doesn't refund canceled trip; vouchers unusable

    I purchased two airline tickets to Venice through Ovago (from a Kayak search result) in February 2020. The flight was due to go in September and was canceled. Ovago would only return $1200 of the $1900 spent on tickets, saying the $1200 was the cost of the flight. They offered me $700 in...
  3. L

    Travel Agency Hop2 DO NOT USE

    On March 3, 2021 I did a search for booking a ticket through Skyscanner and Hop2 was the least expensive, I decided to use them as they had the best travel option, they kept on calling me the change my ticket to a different airline and I said no as I am used to traveling with British Airways, I...
  4. C

    Booked Travel Prior to Covid - want refund from tour company

    I booked a trip for my husband and myself to go with a tour group to Costa Rica in September 2019 and paid for it with AmEx in November, 2019. We were originally scheduled to leave in March, 2020. We also paid travel insurance. A week before our departure they postponed the trip due to Costa...