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  1. T

    Spirit refuses ticket refund for legal issue

    I am disabled and an adult survivor of both childhood sexual abuse, and now, dating violence. The airline is being uncooperative despite: 1) contact initiated with them regarding the issue at least 10 days prior to the departure; and 2) continual submission of official documentation and...
  2. michelle.wileywilson

    Free miles?

    My husband and I traveled to Louisiana last week for a business trip. We flew Spirit home due to the "low cost" when booking (only to realize once we got to the airport to check in AND on board the plane they nickel and dime you for everything). Anyway, we boarded and I happened to be seated...
  3. V

    Mandatory Spirit fees not included in booking price

    As much as many people hate flying Spirit because they hate being charged for every little thing that is not a core "butt in the seat" charge that can't be avoided, there are those of us who fly relatively short routes, and have no problem traveling light and avoiding any/all of those fees that...
  4. Barbara Cypher

    Spirit Changes "Free Spirit Miles" When Booking to 25,000 (PREMIUM)

    Spirit has a calendar with Free Spirit Miles when booking a flight. For Spirit Mastercard holders, they have travel dates and award periods classified as "off peak," "peak," "standard." Spirit has on numerous times, when I've tried to book flying and using my Free Spirit Miles, they change my...
  5. J

    Worst airline for customer service 2016....

    And the winner is Spirit! http://www.travelandleisure.com/airlines-airports/worlds-worst-airlines-customer-service Scary thing is that 4 of the top 9 are US airlines.
  6. D

    Spirit Canceled flight wont compensate

    hello my problem is the following booked a flight from Seattle to Las Vegas, round trip with Spirit, other than having to pay for a bunch of things (that are usually for free on other airlines) the first flight was fine, on the way back I was getting ready to print my boarding pass (they would...
  7. J

    Call me shocked... Spirit has the most complaints...

    http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2016/02/19/this-airline-triggered-most-consumer-complaints/?intcmp=hpff Both the highest complaint rate, almost doubling #2 and the worst on time performance in Dec, Why does anyone fly this airline?
  8. P

    Spirit Airlines Cancellation due to Weather

    I was on a flight from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale that was cancelled due to weather in conditions in Chicago that prevented their flight crew to get to work. They refunded my low fare but offered no other compensation whatsoever and were unable to rebook us. I was forced to buy a last minute...
  9. N

    Flight Vouchers promised, not awarded

    I have been perusing this website due to a recent issue with Spirit Airlines and have found it to be extremely informative and helpful and I am hoping to get some advice. I know, I know, most people will shut down right there and go off on a rant about how terrible Spirit is and how whatever I...