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  1. S

    Absolutely Disgusted by Southwest Refusal to Extend/Convert Travel Funds

    Hello all, First time poster here, extremely frustrated with Southwest. I know many others are having similar issues, but figured I would start a new thread as mine is unique in its own way and I have escalated it fully up the chain. I have Southwest travel funds that were created literally...
  2. C

    Southwest Credit that's expiring :(

    Just thought I'd reach out here to get some advice. I had a trip planned (NSH) for April 4-8, which was going to use up most of a credit that expires on April 15th. That trip has been cancelled (err.. for obvious reasons) even though the flight itself has not been cancelled (yet). But I went...
  3. S

    My daughters words witnessing her mother’s treatment

    Once arriving at the Orlando International Airport , my mother, her friend and I inform the attendant outside that we need wheelchair service , Southwest airline. He informs us he makes a call and it’ll be a twenty minute wait. After fifteen minutes, I take it upon myself to get a wheelchair...
  4. N

    Southwest Airlines - luggage damage

    I just flew Southwest from LAX > OAK and when I got home and unpacked, noticed a gash/hole in the bottom side of my Travelpro suitcase. This suitcase is brand new so I know Southwest caused this damage. My outside of my suitcase was also filthy after this flight. This has never happened to me...
  5. N

    Thanks for nothing, Southwest. Here's how they lost a long term A-lister

    I'm a (almost) weekly traveler and have been for 20+ years. Here's a story that happened last month and still gives me the shakes when I think about it...
  6. A

    Southwest canceled flight; had to buy tickets on a different airline

    Our Aug. 4 Southwest flight from BWI-SEA was one of more than 250 that Southwest canceled that day. They blamed an "air traffic control directive," (boiling down to weather). However, no other airline that day canceled any significant number of flights, and there weren't major weather problems...
  7. H

    TravelSafe - Southwest Cancellation Covered

    I purchased a TravelSafe Classic Policy for a trip that had to be cancelled due to illness. Part of the claim was for domestic airline tickets on Southwest. You may know that Southwest will allow cancellation of travel up to 10 minutes prior to takeoff in exchange for Travel Funds usable...
  8. Betsy M

    Southwest Airlines pilot did not show up

    My family of 7 had reservations on Southwest Airlines on 12/26 to Costa Rica. When we got to Logan airport at 4:30am we went through security and waited at our gate. After waiting in line for about a half hour they came out and said the pilot called in sick and the flight was cancelled. They...
  9. A

    Help getting refunded from either United Vacations or Southwest Airlines

    I booked a United vacation for three from their website in May 2016. I only had to put $600 down to hold the reservation and the rest had to be paid by Sept 12.. On August 29, 2016 I called United Vacation by phone to pay the balance and spoke to a man ( Steven) I believe his name was. We spent...
  10. E

    Frequent Flyer - Restoring Perks that never should have been lost

    I have been a Frequent Flyer with Southwest for decades. In the past, you could use your miles to take a vacant seat on any flight without booking weeks in advance. Now that has disappeared. A few days ago, with a sick dog at home in Berkeley, I sat in the Burbank, CA airport for 3 hours waiting...