southwest airlines

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  1. S

    Absolutely Disgusted by Southwest Refusal to Extend/Convert Travel Funds

    Hello all, First time poster here, extremely frustrated with Southwest. I know many others are having similar issues, but figured I would start a new thread as mine is unique in its own way and I have escalated it fully up the chain. I have Southwest travel funds that were created literally...
  2. M

    Southwest Travel Funds Expiration

    I am requesting SWA extend the expiration of my travel funds. I am not even asking for a refund. Just an extension of my funds so we can safely travel at a later date. Our travel funds were created on 2/14/2020 and expire Dec 2020. Their most recent policy states "funds created between 3/1-sep...
  3. B

    Covid 19 cancellation Southwest Airline

    My family , all 17 of us were booked on a Disney Cruise scheduled to leave Miami on Mar 23, 2020. I was treating my children , their spouses and my 9 grandchildren to the trip. I booked flights for all 17 of us through Southwest. We were leaving Baltimore Md on Mar 22, and returning Mar 28. I...
  4. C

    Southwest Credit that's expiring :(

    Just thought I'd reach out here to get some advice. I had a trip planned (NSH) for April 4-8, which was going to use up most of a credit that expires on April 15th. That trip has been cancelled (err.. for obvious reasons) even though the flight itself has not been cancelled (yet). But I went...
  5. S

    My daughters words witnessing her mother’s treatment

    Once arriving at the Orlando International Airport , my mother, her friend and I inform the attendant outside that we need wheelchair service , Southwest airline. He informs us he makes a call and it’ll be a twenty minute wait. After fifteen minutes, I take it upon myself to get a wheelchair...
  6. A

    Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card Initial Purchase Bonus

    I signed up for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card through Chase in May. I signed up with the incentives of a $200 bill credit and 50,000 extra rapid reward points if I spent $1,000 in the first 3 months. I fulfilled that amount of purchases but was only credited 10,000 points. Chase...
  7. S

    Chase Rapid Rewards CC Dispute

    In summary, I signed up for a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card with Chase Bank under an offer stating, after purchase of a first flight with the card, I would receive a $200 credit to my statement. After the flight was purchased, my statement posted with a balance of $197.96. Chase...
  8. R

    Southwest and weather flight cancellations

    My wife and I had a flight for Mar 3, 2018 from PHL to DEN canceled due to the weather. It happened on Mar 2nd after I checked in during the early afternoon. We then had a power outage until 630 pm. After hearing about cancellations on the radio at Philadelphia Airport, I checked online and...
  9. D

    Removed from flight w/out just cause

    Hello forum readers! Unfortunately, my fiancé and I had a rather bizarre encounter a SouthWest Airlines employee, Mark Story at PHX airport. I would love to hear any honest feedback on the encounter described below. We truly feel like we were discriminated against and we are still not sure...
  10. K

    AA Mechanical Delay - Almost Missed Funeral, Saved By Southwest!

    American Airlines was not at all helpful or sympathetic over a mechanical problem that would have caused me to miss my favorite Aunt's funeral. Fortunately, Southwest was there to get me to the funeral on time! Over a year ago, I attended the funeral of my stepmother in northern California. I...
  11. J

    Southwest Gets It Right

    Nice to see companies getting it right once in awhile...,family When Peggy Uhle boarded her flight from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, she turned off her cell phone as the...
  12. Betsy M

    Southwest Airlines pilot did not show up

    My family of 7 had reservations on Southwest Airlines on 12/26 to Costa Rica. When we got to Logan airport at 4:30am we went through security and waited at our gate. After waiting in line for about a half hour they came out and said the pilot called in sick and the flight was cancelled. They...
  13. M

    Southwest Visa refer a friend promotional offer.

    I was able to get a friend and family member to sign on for a new Southwest Visa card. In doing so I qualified for 10,000 rapid reward points. The points were never paid. The offer said they would be paid once the new person got and used their card. One month later I canceled my credit card to...
  14. K

    Damaged Luggage

    Southwest has damaged my luggage and when I called I was told I missed my deadline to log a complaint. Some of us do have to go back to work the next day. The only thing they can do for me is give a voucher to fly them again. Nice for Southwest and not for me. Not an airline I would travel again.
  15. T

    Legislation for children under 13 to be seated with family

    I just read your article about new legislation with regards to children under 13 and airline must seat them in adjacent seats to their parent. Prior to reading the article, I called Southwest airlines and they clearly told me that they have no provisions for seating children under 6 with their...
  16. A

    Help getting refunded from either United Vacations or Southwest Airlines

    I booked a United vacation for three from their website in May 2016. I only had to put $600 down to hold the reservation and the rest had to be paid by Sept 12.. On August 29, 2016 I called United Vacation by phone to pay the balance and spoke to a man ( Steven) I believe his name was. We spent...
  17. S

    Southwest Airlines - missing items from a checked bag

    My daughter flew from Minneapolis to Washington DC via Southwest Airlines on 8.8.2016 with my sister and her family. She checked one suitcase. Inside the front zipped pocket was her iphone/ipad charger, her retainer and a decorative tassel. The suitcase was zipped when it was brought to the...
  18. C

    Southwest Companion Pass Criteria is Not Accurate

    I thought I had earned a Companion Pass with Southwest Airlines by earning more than 110,000 credit card points during calendar year 2015. My wife and I were excited because we have a new graddaughter on the east coast and we live on the west coast. Not so according to Southwest because the...
  19. J

    Chase Southwest Visa not honoring offer

    We were recently sent a Chase Southwest Premier Visa offer to spend $1000 within 3 months and receive 50,000 Rapid Rewards Bonus. Since I already have the card, we applied for a second one in my husband's name. We met the requirement in about 2 months but had not received our points. I...
  20. M

    Southwest refund

    Dear Christopher Elliott, I hope you can help me obtain a refund for a Southwest flight. In early June, I was in Belize scuba-diving with whale sharks when I broke bones jumping into the boat. On June 24, I was scheduled to fly to Seattle, a trip that had to be cancelled because of surgery. I...