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  1. T

    Sixt - How will disputing after-hour drop-off damage claim affect my insurance claim (rentalcover).

    Hi all, I have been a long-time lurker, first-time poster. In summary, I have received a damage claim email from Sixt Damage Team, 2 months after my rental period. And after looking through the internet (especially this forum, has been very helpful) it seems to be a somewhat very common...
  2. R

    Sixt rental in 2016 develped a bulge in the sidewall

    I rented a Sixt auto in 2016 at the Manchester airport. At the counter I was told that I had to post a credit card with a limit to cover the auto or buy their insurance. I told the agent that would negate my insurance with Mastercard. She was insistent. Being tired and not wanting to argue I...
  3. H

    Sixt Damage Claim Germany

    Returned a car at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof drop location midday, during business hours. An attendant took charge of the car as our family unloaded. We noticed no damage, and walked to the Sixt office for a return receipt but there was no one there from Sixt. Waited as long as possible before train...
  4. M

    SIXT False claim

    We rented a car from SIXT Frankfurt airport. While renting the car we noted that the car had multiple damages and asked the handler to show them to us as most damage details were mentioned in German and we don’t understand it. Since they refused to come while also speaking in German, we decided...
  5. N

    SIXT Rental - How to dispute Loss of use and Diminution Value ?

    Hello everyone! Thank god I found this group, I was left without any proper direction into what I am going through with Sixt now. Long story short - In a narrow multi story garage, I have swiped the passenger side rear window against the wall. Almost after 3 months I received invoice from the...
  6. N


    I'm having issues with SIXT in Germany. I rented a truck on 07.31 at 4:51 PM and returned it on 07.31 at 10:33 pm. Before I took the car, a company representative walked me over the car, took pictures of any damages and I signed the electronic take over protocol. When I returned the car...
  7. A

    Sixt Clutch Damage Claim

    Sixt claimed €1629 clutch damage to a vehicle when I undoubtedly know how to drive stick shift. Followed the steps on this forum about how to dispute a claim but Sixt still insists that clutch damage is not cumulative and I caused all the damage to the clutch. Here's the email I sent them...
  8. C

    Claim of new damage to rental car - 5 weeks after rental

    I returned a car to SIXT. There was no damage or incident associated with the car while in my possession. Two attendants were there to receive the car. We waited patiently for the manager to sign us out. She did and said we were good to go. Seemingly an uneventful and typical rental. Five...
  9. N

    Sixt in LAX threatens cancellation of prepaid reservation in dead of night

    Dear Chris, Sixt at LAX caused us extreme stress and worry last week at our checkout as the staff at LAX kept trying to cancel my prepaid reservation and leave my children, husband and I car-less in LA for our carefully pre-planned trip. Alma the agent at Sixt who helped us seemed totally...
  10. K

    SiXT car damage claim

    Hi, I have recently received correspondence from SiXT Munich (airport) in relation to a car rental from February 17. I upgraded car (concious of icy roads) and then also took full insurance with 0 excess options for fear of an accident. The driving conditions were terrible from Munich to our...
  11. M

    Sixt car rental Scam

    I believe I was victim to a scam by Sixt rental car office in Reykjavik. I rented a car for two weeks on a road trip and upon return they claimed that this loose piece of plastic that was sort of underneath and behind the bumper was loose and therefore cost 570 dollars to fix. It was a part of...
  12. Z

    Sixt informs 4 students to wait for invoice for burning clutch; Vehicle driven 100km

    Dear all, We are a group of students on a 6-months exchange programme in multiple universities across Europe. We decided to rent a car for our road-trip in Spain on the 6th April till the 11th of April 2016. Our itinerary was supposed to be Barcelona > Valencia > Madrid. Unfortunately, our...
  13. J

    Sixt-Lost damage claim resurfaces after insurance expires

    I wish I would have found this forum before my trip as I probably would not be in my current situation. However, I would like to receive some advice on how I should proceed with my current dilemma now, and while I have found information on how I should have preceded elsewhere on the site I am...