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  1. M

    Defective Samsung Dryer

    In 2016, we purchased a Samsung Model #DV45H7000GW/A2 clothes dryer through Home Depot in Windsor, California. Soon after its purchase, the dryer developed thumping noises during operation. Apparently, the dryer drum was out of round. Aside from the noise, the dryer operated well enough until...
  2. L

    Samsung stove warranty issue

    Hello! We are a preschool/daycare in a church and 5 months ago we purchased a Samsung oven from Home Depot. We purchased the stove under our business name, we used our tax exempt status because we are a nonprofit, and it was delivered to the church. It was very obvious that it was not going to...
  3. D

    Promotional Pricing

    Back in August of 2020 AT&T came out with a trade in promotion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5Gs were you would get $1000 in credits towards the phone with eligible trade in. I completed everything as instructed and never received our $1000 credits per line and everytime I have contacted...
  4. R

    Samsung Lies

    Good Afternoon, My nightmare with Samsung started 4 weeks ago now. It started with an app to have servicing done on my 65inch tv. The app was to happen during a 4 hour window but the tech never showed. From there it took an hour and half to be informed it was canceled because they had order...
  5. B

    BestBuy was the worst buy - I bought an $800 glass candlestick, instead of new laptop

    I bought a new Samsung Notebook 7 laptop from my local Best Buy on the day before Mother's Day, 5-12-18. I wanted help starting it and my current computer was very slow but not dead yet, so I stored it away until my current computer crashed. On 8-17-18, it did, so I slit the one sealed sticker...
  6. M

    Samsung representative created my computer problems

    A Samsung customer service representative created problems with my computer, and Samsung has ignored my letters requesting Samsung to fix the problems. On September 29, 2016, I called Samsung's customer service phone number, 800 726 7864, to talk with someone concerning a problem with my...
  7. D

    Samsung won't follow through on it's promise - refrigerator

    Michelle with suggested that I post on the forums to add to the help she has already provided (but Samsung hasn't responded to). Short story: Our 5 year old $2000 refrigerator failed just after the extended warranty expired. There is no local service any more and the only service...