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  1. D

    VRBO and homeowner keeping full rental amount for Covid-19 cancellation-- do not use VRBO

    The problem: I rented a large 5 bedroom VRBO house for our family reunion to celebrate my mother's 92nd birthday in Jupiter FL (near where she lives as she cannot travel anywhere more than 1/2 from her independent living residence in West Palm) in April 21019 for the week March 14-March 20...
  2. D

    AirBnb Long term rental

    Synopsis: 1-7: Checked into airbnb 1-10: Started breaking out in hives 1-14: Found bedbugs; left property after being unable to reach host or landlord 1-15: Contacted AirBnb and sent pics of bugs and my bites...they said they would refund me and cover the cost of laundering all of my clothes...
  3. H

    VRBO - Disputing owner's damage claim

    Hi, Just wanted to get the general opinion of the situation I am facing. Let me summarize what we had recently gone through via VRBO. (1) Booked rental in NH (2) On the day of our travel to the rental I had sent an email to the owner asking if grill was available, for which she had mentioned...
  4. H

    Enterprise Vehicle Accident

    I was involved in an accident with an Enterprise vehicle but I wasn't at fault. The Enterprise driver was. I called Enterprise and they are not very helpful. They keep telling me to call the Damage Recovery Unit and they told me to call the branch where the vehicle was rented at. The branch...
  5. G

    Is is a reputable website?

    Is is a reputable website? I just found contact information for rentals places and contacted few rental property advertisers. These look like true advertisements to me however, I would like to know views and experiences from others if, any.
  6. C

    Claim of new damage to rental car - 5 weeks after rental

    I returned a car to SIXT. There was no damage or incident associated with the car while in my possession. Two attendants were there to receive the car. We waited patiently for the manager to sign us out. She did and said we were good to go. Seemingly an uneventful and typical rental. Five...
  7. Cory Martinez

    Hertz rental sent bill to collections without providing proof of damages.

    Heres a quick rundown and links to previous posts. Rented a car from hertz, the transmission bogs out, I call hertz for assistance, switch the vehicle out, finish vacation, get a letter a month later saying the car needs to be salvaged.... and im on the hook for the bill for the whole car, not...
  8. L

    Budget and Purco - Car Rental Damage Claim

    Hello all, I am from Europe and I spent a few weeks in the United States in October 2015. There, I rented a car in Wyoming from Budget for 3 days. There was no inspection when I got the keys and they gave us a sheet with the already known damages to the car (small scrapes). We looked and took...
  9. K

    Being charged unfairly for a repair on pre-existing damages

    Hello everyone, your advice would be greatly appreciated. I rented a car from Enterprise while on a family vacation in the UK. The car I had reserved online was not available, so Enterprise gave me a "free" upgrade. I inspected the car, as you do, and found no issues whatsoever. I declined the...
  10. T

    Dealer swindling me after renting their loaner car

    I'm hoping I'm not out of luck because I didn't realize the steps I needed to take before renting the car. I took my Nissan Pathfinder into the North Little Rock Nissan dealer Tuesday morning and later that afternoon they told me I needed a new transmission. They gave me a nearly identical...