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  1. G

    Enterprise - Shady Rental Damage Claim

    Hello everyone, I've been reading material on this website for months. I love learning all sorts of different travel hacks and tips to make each and every trip a smooth, wonderful experience, and I enjoy arming myself with information ahead of time should something go wrong. I didn't think I'd...
  2. C

    Downsized Cars

    Why do car rental companies get away with calling a mid-sized car, full-sized; a compact car mid-sized; and a subcompact car, compact? Just rented a compact from Payless, but received a Ford Fiesta, which is a subcompact. I've argued with Budget representatives about this before when they called...
  3. C

    Loss of Use?

    I recently rented a car in Albuquerque, NM and was told by the agent that New Mexico is a "loss of use state" and that if I did not accept their insurance, and if I was in an accident, I was subject to paying full rental value of the car while it was being repaired. I have never heard this...
  4. M

    Enterprise wants to charge me $2000.00 for a clutch that I did not burn out- Help?!?!

    My good friend and I planned a 10 day trip to Iceland over the course of the past 2 years- we rented a car, standard because a stick shift is what I have driven for the last 12 years, a Kia picanto with 52000 miles on it- after about 60 km I commented to my friend that the clutch felt a little...
  5. L

    ACE threatened collection action plus additional 30% and lien

    I incurred a hail storm and the rental car was damaged. They requested more than $14,000 for the claim; my visa card offered to pay $8,926.03 for the repair but not the administration fee, diminished value (about $3000), and other fees. ACE agent asked me to sign the credit card authorization...
  6. L

    Alamo damage scam

    I rented a silver 2016 Jeep Cherokee from Alamo Rent A Car on March 14, 2017, when I flew in to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia. I returned the vehicle on March 28, 2017. When I returned the vehicle, the woman who checked it in pointed out a small scuff on the rear passenger door, measuring...
  7. G

    Hertz Norway through AutoEurope: February till May and counting

    I rented a car with my two friends in Norway (Tromso Airport) from Hertz. There was a blizzard. Car got stuck WITHIN the confines of an actual road. We contacted the proposed road service company. They came after 7 hours, the car was just fine. They told us to leave because the car was stuck in...
  8. R

    Avoid GoldCar Car rental, especially in Malta

    Hello all, I'm posting this experience below as a warning to other travelers to avoid the GoldCar car rental agency, especially in Malta. Although all of the issues posted to this forum involve frustrating consumer experiences, many times it involves the application of a legitimate company...
  9. E

    Hertz Rental in Germany

    Email dated Feb 15, 2017 Hertz Germany wanted EURO 306.97 for damages from rental in June, 2016. Advised them on Feb 19, 2017 that evidence was needed from them before any consideration would be given to even thinking of payment however much. The tone and substance of the reply to Hertz...
  10. R

    Avis rental nightmare

    I have booked a minivan with Avis rental a few months ago at a non-airport location. When I showed up at the rental car location, they did not have a minivan and the person at the front-desk was surprised that Avis customer service has not called and notify me about the lack of vehicle at the...
  11. RitaK

    Air Canada Cheated Us!

    My husband and I were abandoned across our state with a 2-hour drive home (no car) after spending more than 12 hours in the Quebec airport, transported to an unscheduled layover airport, and had to stay overnight in an on-site airport hotel. They actually had two seats available, but - right in...
  12. D

    Fox Rent a Car: accidental damage

    I have a concern about a charge I received on my credit card back in December for damages to an suv rental I had that I believe I am not fully responsible for. I initially thought it was a fraudulent charge as no one from Fox attempted to get in touch with me or notify me about a $1,965 charge...