refund request denial

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  1. B

    AirBNB and a host in Argentina

    Hello, So here's my dilemma. I'm supposed to visit Buenos Aires relatively soon. May 24th to be exact and I find myself not being able to. That's because the government of Argentina is not allowing regular tourists into the country yet. Their embassy in DC told me as much too. So I've had to...
  2. E

    Expedia and Delta stalemate with cancellation fees refund

    I have been requesting a refund of $400 cancellation fees from Expedia for a flight on Delta. I’ve been shuffled back and forth between them for months. I appear to be at a stalemate now. What can I do? If I've given too much detail or anything, I'm a first time writer and not sure what to...
  3. A

    Refund or flight credit for nonrefundable British Airways Ticket

    I'm 17 and my mom bought me a plane ticket to see my aging parents who have health complications in the Netherlands. However, there is currently a level 2 travel advisory by the U.S. Department of State that says to use caution in the Netherlands due to terrorist activity. I'm a kid and I'm not...
  4. J

    Round-Trip Airline Ticket (Royal Air Maroc via JustFly) Cancelled Mid-Trip -- Help!

    I had a confirmed round-trip ticket to Morocco (IAD-CMN-RAK) cancelled by Royal Air Maroc in the middle of my vacation earlier this week, forcing me to purchase a separate (and expensive) one-way flight back home. I received no notice of the cancellation until I arrived at the airport in...
  5. C

    Freedom Furniture Australia - Refusing a Refund

    We purchased a sofa from Freedom Furniture in Southport on the 24/02/2018 and it was delivered about 5 weeks later(exact delivery date not known). After 2 weeks of light residential use, the sofa fabric started pilling and we were surprised that the fabric was showing signs of wear so soon. We...
  6. H

    Airbnb refused to refund my elderly mother who had to cancel due to safety issue with unit

    We rented a local Airbnb unit for my mother, who was visiting for Christmas. We rented it the day before check-in for a two week period. On the first night there, my mother discovered that their was no cell phone signal. As she is an 80 year old cancer survivor, she felt unsafe without a...
  7. V

    Just want to post a heads up about and advice on pursuing them for a refund. This company tacks on extra fees that are not reflected in the price you agree to when you book a hotel stay ($50 for 2 night stay for me), then lies to you about the hotel refund policy (told me that...
  8. H

    American Airlines Refund

    On November 10th 2016 I purchased tickets for my wife and I to visit her family for Christmas in Honduras. It was soon after that that we Discovered that my wife was pregnant. Due to the Zika concerns we thought it might be better to put off the trip. I called American and spoke to a...
  9. T

    Refund after Allegiant Left Me Stranded in Las Vegas

  10. C

    Extenuating Circumstances Refund from XL Airways

    I had to cancel a trip to Paris with only a couple days notice as my grandmother was critically ill in the hospital (and ultimately passed away). The tickets were nonrefundable, but Travelocity, through which I purchased the tickets, assured me that all airlines have an extenuating circumstances...
  11. B

    Lufthansa Promised Me a Full Tax Refund (In Writing) and Then Withheld +$500

    I am writing to you in the hopes of resolving an issue with an airline that initially promised, in writing, a full tax refund and then rescinded on their offer. I would like to request full tax refund from Lufthansa airline, including the $516.00 YQ tax for a ticket that was cancelled with ample...
  12. A

    British Airways Playing Games with the Family of the Decessed

    My parents purchased plane tickets though a Romanian travel agency for a visit to see family in the United States. Towards the end of November 2015, my father was hospitalized because of severe health issues. Both myself, my mom and the travel agent have contacted BA to inquire about our options...
  13. Colin Stein

    Trouble getting refund/credit, proper answers to simple issue

    I feel like this is a simple issue, and that I deserve either a refund or an airline credit (as I was promised by Delta representatives at various points) - but definitely resolution. Something. Why is this so difficult? Here is what I just emailed to Heidi Gould and Charisse Evans at Delta HQ -...
  14. K

    Frontier bumped us but won't refund the ticket

    We (my wife and I) arrived at the Cleveland airport at 5:30AM for a 7:25AM flight to Orlando, Frontier 1161, on November 25, 2015, the day before Thanksgiving. When we checked in at the ticket counter we were informed that the flight would be delayed until 8:30AM. When we arrived at the gate...
  15. MariaLopez03

    AA denied me boarding even tho i got to the JFK 2:10 min before dep. AA is just sorry.

    Guys, thanks i found this forum. I went through a nightmare thanks to AA and i wrote this letter to their Customer Service. Please, read so you know what happened. Dear American Airlines, My name is Maria Lopez Carrasquel and I’m afraid I’m writing this letter to complaint about your service. I...