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  1. Aprlcs

    Booked Through Priceline-Thrifty. Won't give us a voucher for Car Rental. 510.00$

    My Fiance and I planned a Honeymoon in Maui, HI. June 14-22, 2021. We booked through Priceline: a flight and a rental car. We also purchased Travel Insurance for 98$ in hopes it would help in case this scenario came up, but it doesn't. The issue is with the rental car only. The flight is...
  2. R

    Waiving priceline change fee of $1200 on int'l flight due to medical reasons?

    My wife, two kids (ages 5 and 2), and I booked a trip through Priceline in late 2018 to fly RDU to AMS (via ATL) on 5/26/19 and return CDG to RDU (via BOS) on 6/8/19. The ticket was booked by PL as a wholesale fare through Air France, but most of the flights are on Delta. We didn't purchase...
  3. D

    Priceline customer service for partners

    My company owns luxury vacation rentals which we list on Priceline, among many other sites. On other sites we have a dedicated account manager working with us whenever we need. On Priceline there’s no such thing. We have zero personal contact. I’ve tried emailing and calling- their customer...
  4. J

    Why do airlines not refund the taxes paid on a non-refundable ticket?

    Recently, I purchased a ticket to travel to Toronto to Copenhagen on Icelandair. I purchased the ticket through The airfare cost $148, while the taxes were an additional $166.30 (total price = $314.30). I cancelled the ticket a few days before the flight because I have multiple...
  5. J

    Name correction issues and cancelled flights

    On May 24, 2018, I booked three flight tickets from San Francisco to Tokyo for my best friend's bachelor party. Unfortunately, I entered the bachelor's first name as "Chris" instead of his full name "Christopher". I tried to get the name corrected by calling Priceline/Singapore Airlines/Alaska...
  6. S

    Priceline refund

    I accidentally made a reservation for 19-23rd July instead of 19-23rd June at NH COLLECTION AMSTERDAM GRAND HOTEL KRASNAPOLSKY. It turns out that my Priceline reservation was in turn made via Agoda. I have been in constant touch with Erik, the front office manager at the hotel. He informed me...
  7. E

    Accidentally Booked Wrong Date!

    Today I accidentally booked a business stay in Philadelphia through Priceline for February 4th - 7th, instead of March 4th - 7th which is when my travel needs to take place. I realized the mistake as soon as I clicked the confirm button, but it was too late. I called Priceline immediately and...
  8. D

    Priceline Cancellation Policy on Hotels

    Hi, I booked a room for 2 nights using Priceline, and had a home emergency arise. That emergency kept me from going on a trip I had planned on earlier in the month. The day after Christmas, our sewer line backed up, flooding our basement and causing a lot of water damage. Throughout the next few...
  9. G

    Priceline Discrimination

    I booked hotel in Boston through Priceline online last August/2016. One of the most important selection was indoor pool hotel which I selected before I booked. Priceline should show all amenities even though express deal. It was unknown amenities. It showed three star hotel express deal before...
  10. J

    Forced To Take Insurance

    I have reached out multiple times to Hertz in an attempt to resolve an issue my husband and I had when renting a car in Shannon, Ireland. Our original reservation was made through Priceline and the car was to be provided by Dollar Rental. When we arrived at Shannon Airport, we waited in line at...
  11. A

    Missed trip due to medical emergency

    In October of 2016, I booked a trip on Avianca via Priceline that was scheduled for December of 2016. I was unable to take the trip due to a documented medical emergency -- The other passenger was hospitalized for an emergency related to her mental health one week prior to the dates of the trip...
  12. L

    Does United Refund Request Really Work??

    I recently purchased a ticket through Priceline and have been trying to be refunded my money. Me and my friends all purchased roundtrip tickets on 11/29/16. A week later I was able to find JetBlue RT tickets for a third of the price. We all bought those tickets because they were drastically...
  13. E

    Confirmation Confusion, No Room, Who is Responsible

    I have questions about booking lodging through online travel agencies on TripAdvisor: Twice on a recent vacation I had the same problem twice and would like to both understand and prevent a future repetition. I checked hotel rankings on TripAdvisor and then for convenience, booked online using...
  14. P


    I booked a hotel with priceline and while it guarantees a room regardless a type, it doesn't always state that amenities are included in the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. I learned the hotel does not provide transportation from hotel to airport (DCA airport and Hotel is...