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  1. W

    All my Expedia Reward Points suddenly disappeared from my account

    Summary: I had 17,590 Expedia Reward Points in my account (worth approximately $251 at a VIP Access hotel). I know the points were in my account as recently as April 2019, from logging in at that time and seeing the balance, and via Monthly Statements received via email. When I logged in to...
  2. A

    Visa FlexPerks Rewards Travel - Insurance, Fees, etc.

    Hi, I am sorry if this has been asked dozens of times. (I did find this thread: http://forum.elliott.org/threads/is-there-a-way-to-insure-points-used-to-purchase-an-airline-ticket.4496/#post-50677). Based on reading this thread my understanding is: It is technically not possible to "insure"...
  3. L

    Hilton HHonors App Misinformation Marketing

    [Submitted via http://elliott.org/help/ on 12/21/2016 and I was asked to post here] I started using the HHonors app more frequently this year because I find the website is not particularly user friendly. They started running a promotion in November for double points when you reserve using the...
  4. AAGK

    Does Amex not advance points anymore?

    The last time I used them for travel they still advanced @ 60k in points. The agent I spoke with had never heard of this (um, ok) but said they don't do it. I think he may be correct. Does anyone know offhand?