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  1. P

    Paypals System Error Limited my account

    I used to work for a government agency and had a government issued American Express card. I added this card to my Paypal account and purchased a lot of items for the government. I was careful that whenever I made a personal purchase, it went on my personal VISA account, and whenever I made a...
  2. J

    Fraud claim being kicked around between chase and paypal

    Hi I submitted a fraud claim within 60 days of the statement date of a large fraudulent transaction from my bank account. Chase has been reviewing the claim for months and seemingly is not interested in helping me get the money back even though i believe I should be entitilted to it. I believe...
  3. C

    Paypal won't release funds and won't say why.

    PayPal closed our account which had a balance of $1,193 and states that funds will not be released until May 22, 2019. We sent the email below on 3/15. That email explains our situation. We received the response on 3/22. I have provided that email below as well. We still don't know the...
  4. T

    PayPal is holding my money for 180 days

    I recently began using a PayPal account which was created years ago, but never used. I was transferred money and successfully made 2 withdrawals, but third and final one was blocked. This whole ordeal took a couple weeks of phone calls and numerous attempts to verify my account after speaking to...
  5. E

    Paypal Account Closure for "Raising too many Claims"

    PayPal decided to ban my account permanently for opening up too many claims. However, a large proportion of these claims were made by Paypal themselves not me. Paypal's computer system flagged these up and believes that I was making fraudulent claims. I appealed against Paypal's libel that I...
  6. A

    Admitted fraud - PayPal and Chase won’t get money back

    Hi! In August someone took $1 from my savings account. With investment fluctuations, I did not notice this $1. 60 days later, this same person took out $1119.10 using PayPal from my savings account. Chase refuses to give the money back because it’s “after 60 days.” I called PayPal twice, they...
  7. Z

    Paypal account disabled

    Hello, I am hoping you can give me advice on whether this is worth fighting. I am a long standing Paypal customer since about the time Paypal started around 18 years ago. In may this year I made a big purchase with a japanese merchant. Unfortunately, USPS lost the package. I tried to sort...
  8. R

    Paypal permanently limited

    hi, i was limited earlier this year, first temporarily, then after giving information, the error "you cant use paypal anymore" showed up. before i continue, i was helping my friend when they needed. all was fine for months. so, i called, because email support cant help much. and they told me...
  9. I

    PayPal holding funds 180 days

    PayPal decided to hold $2,600+ because of items I sold on eBay. I spoke to a rep when I first received the email about the limitations and he stated it was because PayPal didn’t like the amount I sold the items for. They are holding funds under the user agreement policy. All customers have had...
  10. Z

    Venmo Account Disabled without Explanation

    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help out, because I've hit an impasse with Venmo. Let me explain what's go on below: I am tech geek with geeky friends too. With every launch of the new iPhone, I always buy a new phone for myself on launch day. I usually line up with some of my friends, and...
  11. H

    Paypal Mastercard Disaster

    On August 31, I submitted my monthly credit card payment for my Paypal Extras Mastercard in the amount of $510.34. I got no confirmation of the payment from the website, email or any type of validation that the payment had posted. On September 1 I decided to submit the payment again, since there...
  12. D

    Paid for air ticket twice with Paypal. Can't get refund.

    I bought an airline ticket online using Paypal. The website gave me a message saying that the payment did not go through. Turns out it did. On October 26 2016 I attempted to buy an airticket for my son for travel in December/January from "Connections Eurotrain NV" using Paypal. After having...
  13. A

    eBay/PayPal keeping my $735 gift card blance

    Hello , I'm not sure how this works but I did a little research and came across this site as a place that could help my situation. I had my PayPal account permanently limited for what they say was "a issue with the credit card linked to my account" . The card is a prepaid visa card from a...
  14. A

    PayPal Account Compliance Nightmare

    Back in 2012, I volunteered to work at an orphanage in Kenya. I'm employed full time as a federal law enforcement agent. When I got to the orphanage, out in the countryside northeast of Nairobi, I immediately noticed the conditions the children were living in. Most of the were wearing rags...