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  1. T False Advertising

    Company you have a question or a comment about: Hotels.Com I booked a 3 night stay in a villa in Cabo for my bachelor party in late August. During the reservation process I filled out my personal information and payment information, but it never asked for any information on my...
  2. J

    American Airlines Will Not Allow Me to Repurchase my ticket

    My name is Justin. Last year on March 15 2018 I had purchased a ticket from Toronto to Miami (return flight) the flight was departing at 12:49 PM from Toronto YYZ to MIA 4:17 PM American Airlines 2721. Return Date: Tuesday March 27 MIA 8: 35 AM arriving YYZ 11:54 AM. The intent was to go to...
  3. T

    Refund on international flight to Japan

    Hi Guys, I have a big problem with flights I purchased this year. I recently got married, and we set our honeymoon destination on Japan. We bought two round trip non-refundable tickets to Japan departing on March 31, 2019. My wife and I are also in the process of buying a home to live in, so...
  4. J

    Name correction issues and cancelled flights

    On May 24, 2018, I booked three flight tickets from San Francisco to Tokyo for my best friend's bachelor party. Unfortunately, I entered the bachelor's first name as "Chris" instead of his full name "Christopher". I tried to get the name corrected by calling Priceline/Singapore Airlines/Alaska...
  5. A

    Made date mistake on non-refundable hotel reservation on AA

    I made an $1400 8 nights hotel and car package reservation on AA vacation on 04/16/2018 with the wrong date (06/13/2018-06/21/2018). I'm a graduate student and the trip is for a conference. I mistakenly remembered the wrong month (the correct conference date is in July 2018, but I booked in June...
  6. M

    Refund for non-refundable tickets

    Hello, I need some advice on what I can do to get non-refundable tickets refunded. In November, 2017, I purchased roundtrip tickets with Orbitz (flying with Copa Air) for me and my children to travel from NYC to South America to visit my family. The trip was scheduled for Dec 15-30, 2017. In...
  7. H

    American Basic Economy Change

    Hello, My sister recently booked a flight on American in basic economy. She understood when booking that there were restrictions on luggage and that no refunds or changes were possible. However, we did need to change her flight by a day so she just went ahead and bought a new flight, due to the...
  8. G

    Ticketing Troubles

    I'm hoping you all can help me. I purchased a cruise for my dad and stepmom for my dad's 75th birthday/15 year wedding anniversary. It was to be the trip of a lifetime- an Oceania 12 day Mediterranean Cruise and Business Class air travel. I received a call from my dad last week after all...
  9. S

    Single mom out $1000

    A friend of mine was planning to take her sone from Milwaukee to Atlanta. But on the day of the flight she was in a car accident and, naturally, they couldn't go. United says they can spend $600 to transfer the tickets to new dates, but the purpose of their trip is now gone. Essentially, she...
  10. A

    Nonrefundable tickets

    Recently I purchased round trip tickets for my wife and myself from Washington to Hawaii with a stop on the way in San Francisco and on the way back in Seattle. My intention was to leave on 23 January and return on 3 February. I was routinely checking on the itinerary recently and noticed, much...